Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Just May Pass Kindergarten

Well, if you read this last month...

You know that I blew it big time in the mommy department!!  So I just wanted all of you to know that...

Today was early release day.

I remembered.

Even without all of my five year old's reminders this week.

And that little note her teacher wrote in the agenda last night.

And a facebook message from one friend and text from another.

Not only did my daughter not have to wait for an hour for her parents to pick her up this time, she came home to an extra sweet snack...

Freshly baked brownies

And peppermint hot cocoa with swirl marshmallows!

We just may pass kindergarten after all.  Keep your fingers crossed.  :)


  1. You're welcome to pick me up from work anytime if the reward is warm brownies and cocoa.

  2. What a nice mommmy! You can't beat fresh baked brownies & hot chocolate...especially when it's peppermint! Yum!!

  3. Ha! With all those wonderful reminders you really would be in the dog house if you forgot again! Moms are forgiven a lot because they do so much more unforgetting than anyone else. Ha! Don't know if that made sense but you know what I mean!

  4. Your posts remind me of many happy days with my three. Thanks for the trips down memory lane!