Monday, January 10, 2011

That Other Thing I Promised To Tell You About....

So I promised to tell you about one more thing in particular that makes me smile.

Here it is...

A new Bible study!  

Jesus: 90 Days With The One and Only by Beth Moore.

I actually bought this months ago- I purchased a few as Christmas gifts and one as a Christmas gift to myself - but saved it, because it is always neat to start a new year with a new Bible study.  I am still working through another book or two on the side, but I have enjoyed this so much so far.  When I was looking at it in the store, the words on the back cover captivated me...

"You Think You Love Him Now..."

I was drawn to that statement because I do love Him.  I love Him so much and love Him more every year that I know Him.  But I want to know Him and love Him even more.  That is my heart's cry.  And the best way to know Him more is to spend time with Him in His Word.  I cherish that time.

If you want to know Jesus more, if you want to grow deeper in your relationship with God, I would encourage you to get a good Bible study and go through it.  You don't have to be intimidated by this or legalistic about it.  You may miss it some days.  That's okay.  I do too.  Just start, just try, just aim to spend a few minutes a day or a couple of days a week with Jesus.  

I promise that the more you do it, the more often you are going to want to.  Because as you get to know His character and read the wisdom, love, and grace He offers, you will start to find it vital to your everyday life as you face life's often uncertain and challenging circumstances.

So go out and get yourself a Bible study if you don't have one to start this new year, a good Bible (study Bibles are super helpful), some colored pens, and if you are like me, a caffeinated beverage!! Curl up in your favorite spot and spend a few life changing minutes with the Savior.  As I do this I'll be curled up in my green chair with my coffee or tea, thinking of you and praying that if you think you love Him now, you'll find that you fall more deeply in love with Jesus in 2011 than you could ever imagine!

So much love!!

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