Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Plans Of The Toy Story Variety

The other night, Madi asked us when she and Trevor would get married.  To each other that is.

So Jimmy and I explained that brothers and sisters don't marry each other, but that one day Madi will marry a different boy and Trevor will marry a different girl.

Which was when one of them said okay then, no problem, Madi can just marry Daddy and Trevor can just marry Mommy.  And the wedding plans began.

Oh, and they were funny, let me tell you.  Some highlights...

Madi wants a Christmas wedding with the colors red, green and gold. (Okay, I like it. We are Christmas people in this home.)

But when asked what her wedding song would be she promptly replied,

The Cupid Shuffle.  And Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

And she will be going to Disney for her honeymoon.  (No surprise there!)

When asked what kind of dress I should wear for our wedding, Trevor said,

You can dress like Woody and I'll dress like Buzz.

Every bride's dream.

He said he is buying me a gold ring.  As for a honeymoon...

Trev wants to go to a dance party.  And Disney.  Probably the dance party we saw at Disney just recently.

One day when they are older they will laugh as we recount these memories (and probably be completely freaked out at the mere thought of marrying one of us!).  But don't be surprised if twenty-some years from now Trevor's Woody hat appears at his rehearsal dinner or that "old song" The Cupid Shuffle mysteriously ends up being played at Madi's reception.  

And we will laugh and cry and remember when.


  1. I remember wanting to marry my daddy - and couldn't understand why my sisters thought that was so funny. . .

  2. Christina BracknellJanuary 29, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    That's one wedding we never planned in Alg II- very sweet!