Thursday, May 26, 2011

If Your Taste Buds Need Some Excitement...

....then I would highly recommend making this Cornbread Salad!

I have made it twice in the past week.  I think I may be slightly obsessed, but you will understand why when you taste it.

I got this recipe from a woman named Debbie in our church who is among a group of women who can cook it up so well that I jump at the opportunity to eat anything they have made!  (I'm serious - when I get an invite to one of their Sunday School parties I.come.hungry.)

It looks great served in a trifle bowl, and serves a crowd!  Or a hungry girl who has a fondness for Southwestern fare.

Cornbread Salad

1 9'' pan of cornbread with 1 can green chilies added (Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix is perfect)
2 16 ounce cans of pinto beans (drained)
2 cans of Mexicorn
6 pieces of bacon, fried and crumbled
16 ounce package of shredded cheese

1 medium onion, chopped
1 large tomato, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped

Dressing Mix
1 oz package dry Ranch dressing mix
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup sour cream

Layer in glass dish...


Repeat layer and top with bacon.

Thanks to Debbie for sharing this recipe with me!  I am smitten!

*Note - the first time I made it I used jalapenos in the cornbread instead of chilies which kicked it up a notch and was very tasty, if you like a little heat.

Special Delivery!

Last week, on a spectacularly gorgeous day, I had the front door open with the breeze blowing in while waiting for a friend to arrive.  All of a sudden someone was at my door, but it was not the friend I was expecting - it was Miss Karen, a lovely and sweet friend of ours from church.  We talked for a moment about how much we were enjoying the beauty of the week, and she said she had just come from blueberry picking and asked if I had a bowl.  She knows my love for blueberries, and when I got out a big bowl she filled it up with fresh picked local ones! What a special surprise delivery that was!

I have been enjoying those blueberries every day, but this afternoon still had quite a few left.  They were at the point where I needed to either use them or freeze them.  I decided to use them to make two loaves of homemade blueberry bread, which were crusty on top and filled with generous amounts of those fresh blueberries.

It was so good warm out of the oven.  Thank you Karen for showing up on my doorstep with such a treat!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Laundry Doesn't Fold Itself

Our moms seem to be right on this one, in case you were wondering!  I had washed at least four loads of laundry over the past few days, but because of the run in and out nature of those days, I was left with this mound to deal with today.

It is very safe to say that folding laundry is not at the top of the list of things I love to do!  But after a productive and pleasant morning, I was determined to get this whole pile (which was as deep as it is high) folded and put away before lunchtime, and to do so with a halfway decent attitude.  Because you know those women who get such a kick out of cleaning? Those incredibly organized types who get all excited at the mere scent of Lysol or the challenge of a huge organizational project? Not me.  Unfortunately. But my Michael Buble Pandora station was a good distraction and I did manage to get it all done before lunch.  Okay, so lunch was a little later than normal.  But it was done in time for it!

And also just in time to put another load in the wash.

Which is still in the dryer.

Because I'm holding on to hope that just maybe my mom was actually wrong on several accounts, meaning the laundry is going to fold itself and groceries are going to magically appear in my pantry along with homecooked meals on my table.  :)

Admitting the following verses have convicted me 
many times lately as I face tedious tasks!  
I have a long way to go in this area!  
Working on it!

God, please help me to do the mundane, daily tasks
without a complaining spirit and with enthusiasm!

Romans 12:11 "Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically."

Philippians 2:14 "Do everything without complaining or arguing."

Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."

Good Morning Wednesday

Early alarm, turned off for a few more minutes in dreamland.

White mug, hot coffee, Bible study, good morning Wednesday.

Pancakes and pink lemonade since we ran out of orange juice.

Spoon for the yogurt and applesauce in her lunch box, check.

Off to school kisses for the pony tail girl.

Snuggle time with the boy in the Buzz Lightyear pajamas.

Youth group plans and have a great day as he heads off to church.

Doorbell rings, time to teach.

Piano lesson.  Vocal lesson.

Sidewalk chalk, hopscotch, and Star wars figures on the front stoop.

Bright sky, warm sun, fresh breeze.

Sounds of chirping birds, whirring lawnmowers, little feet hopping down the sidewalk.

Back inside for coloring books, crayons, and the momentary sound of quiet.

Wednesday morning was bright and beautiful in its ordinary way.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Besides brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things these days!!

This shirt.  My friend Natalie kept telling me about this accessory store called Charming Charlie.  When I was in Maryland, my friend Laurie and I stumbled across one and I was instantly smitten by this magical world of affordable accessories, all displayed beautifully on color coordinated tables.  As I was making my way through this enchanted place, Laurie told me she was buying me a shirt she saw because she knew I would love it.  It was embellished with strings of pearls and lace.  And she was right.

Maryland blooms.  I so enjoyed seeing them a few weeks ago.

Wasabi Sauce.  My love affair with wasabi and soy almonds continues, but now I fancy this sauce as well.  One of my favorite sandwiches of late is turkey on a sandwich flat with this spicy sauce, provolone, and dill pickle stackers.  Ahhh, the burn.  (And no I'm not pregnant, I just perpetually eat like I am.  My husband thinks I have deficient taste buds that require extremely strong flavors to be satisfied!! I just tell him he doesn't know what he's missing!)

Cream cheese and olive sandwiches.  (Speaking of strong flavors, I suppose!) Don't knock it until you've tried it.  Yum.

This water bottle.  It was given to me by an employee at a Vera Bradley store as I browsed for my mom's Mother's Day gift.  Now that's customer service, served in style!  

My little red shelf.  Found it a couple months ago for $5.99 at Marshall's.  What a happy addition to my kitchen!

This granola.  Available in the organic section of Publix.  Good by itself, with milk, or in yogurt.

My Wavelength nail polish.  Goes on so smoothly, dries very quickly, and truly is one of the best spring/summer shades I've found!  When on it is a perfect blend of pink and coral.  A cheap find at Target.

Buckets from the $1 section of Target.  They are used for all sorts of things around here.

My morning mugs.  Nothing like the first whiff and first sip of fresh brewed coffee, especially in a colorful mug that makes you smile.

The Paul: 90 Days on His Journey of Faith study I've been doing.  I'm on lesson 52 and it has been great.  Paul is so real, so raw.  He was completely sold out to Christ, but he struggled with his humanity just as we do. It has been good to follow him on his missionary journeys and the ups and downs he faced along the way.  He definitely had both his moments of victory and moments of discouragement, just like all of us involved in kingdom work, but he was faithful to the end.  I can't wait to see what else I learn during the rest of this journey of faith.

What are your favorite things these days?!

For The Love Of Students

One of the joys of my life is the time spent with students in the youth group where my husband serves as pastor.  Honestly, the chance to mentor students and invest in their lives is just the biggest blessing.  It is a responsibility we take very seriously, but it is also so much fun!

Moments like these make your heart feel like it is going to burst...

There is nothing like seeing teenagers grow to love Jesus and choose to serve God with their lives!

And then there are all those crazy activities you find yourself doing with people half your age, many of which involve wearing helmets...

This past Sunday after church we traded the helmets for life vests when we took a whole group of students to a camp for some fun in the sun.  My cute husband was pretty excited about the chance to go wakeboarding...

Considering I lack athletic skills (not to mention that pesky struggle with basic coordination) I decided not to even attempt the wakeboarding thing!  However I did agree to go tubing with one of the girls since all I had to do was hang on for dear life.

I even managed to stay on and not fall into the water.  Until I was trying to get off the raft that is....

Which gave us all a pretty good laugh.

It's funny what you will do for the love of students!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

If You Need A Good Laugh...

Break out your kid's easel and play a game of Pictionary with a bunch of adults!

We had a houseful of friends over last night for a Sunday School class date night.  After a few hours of eating and talking, we broke out the dry erase markers and the Pictionary board and let me tell you, we all laughed so hard that I literally had sore, aching muscles from laughing when I woke up this morning!

Which is an obvious sign of a great time.  :)

Speaking Of London...

Check out this fabulous find my mom came across at a Marshall's a few weeks ago.  She got a steal on this dress for my daughter, knowing it was right up her international alley!

It is hanging in Madi's closet just waiting to be worn on a date to our local tea room!  Don't you just love discount stores?  You never know what treasure you will find.  I do lots of my personal and gift shopping at stores like these because you can find unique, special things for terrific prices.

So, any local girlfriends up for a trip to Ross, Marshall's, or Steinmart?!
Just say the word, girls.


In A Quiet Corner Of London

I may be the only person in America who hasn't watched the Royal Wedding yet.  Because I kind of live under a rock.  Jimmy and I have never had cable so we rarely turn the TV on except to watch movies.

I will eventually catch up with modern times and watch it, perhaps with tea and scones! But I saw some of the pictures and like everyone else, thought Kate's dress was absolutely stunning.  Thanks to my six year old with international flair, I've added quite a few Paris accents around here.  But with my need for change and all the festivities surrounding the Royal Wedding celebrations, I decided to create a little London vignette in my green chair corner.

Remember that little canvas I found at Michael's and used to make this simple, pretty Parisian accent?  I used another one to make a London accent.  And I must admit, I love it too.

Like most little girls of the 80's, I drooled over Princess Diana.  I had Princess Diana paper dolls and would often look through a coffee table book of her Royal Wedding.  She was so beautiful, and it breaks my heart that she much of the life she lived was filled with so much sadness.  I had just started college when she died and when I came home for Christmas between semesters, one of my gifts was a new Diana coffee table book, this one chronicling her life in remembrance of her.  So I pulled out that book to set in my little London corner.  I also set out an old English Lit textbook my husband found for me at a book sale in college (knowing his English major girlfriend would love it), my dad's old copy of Mere Christianity by  British author C.S. Lewis, a teacup made in England my sister-in-law gave me for a birthday present years ago, and an old silver tea piece given to me by a friend in the little church plant we served in as newlyweds.

It's sort of fun to go "shopping" in your own house!  You never know what you may come up with.

This is my new view when I sit in my green chair.  These days I drink my coffee, read, study, and write in a quiet corner of London.

Something Old, Something New

So lately everyone has been asking me about my "new" couches.  Which cracks me up because they are hand-me-downs from my parents that were purchased in my college years, probably sometime around 1999/2000!   When we moved here and built our house, we decided not to fill the dining room area of our great room with dining furniture, but to use it for more functional seating and living space.  So we kept our old couches we bought in 2001 before we got married, and my parents gave use their old set.  We put our old ones in the main living area, their old love seat in the dining area, and their old pull out couch in our music room.

However, that comfortable over-stuffed furniture that we purchased before our wedding was starting to literally fall apart after a decade of being extremely well used.  When we moved here I bought some blankets to cover up some of the worst parts, but they were getting to be in pretty bad shape. And my husband decided to move his full drum kit  into the music room because he is helping a friend work on a recording project.  So it was time to move some things around.

It's funny how moving things around can make things feel new and fresh - even if everything is over 10 years old!  We moved my parents hand-me-down furniture into the main living area, got rid of our large couch which was in the worst shape, and kept the tattered-but-still-hanging-in-there love seat for now, moving it into the dining area.  (One day I would absolutely love to get rid of it and buy two small leather recliners for this seating area.  But that's one day....and definitely not today!)

To freshen up the look further I moved a pillow from the playroom onto our old love seat, and the other day found some extremely reasonable and adorable spring pillows.  My mom and dear friend Marti who was in town (and is like family to us) were with me, fell in love with them too, and offered to contribute to helping me get a whole set. I had some Mother's Day money and combined with their sweet help was able to get four new pillows for my parents' old couches and a small one for my green chair.

And now, everyone who walks in asks me about my "new" furniture!  Love it!

Something old, something new.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Was My Coffee Mug This Morning...

Which explains a lot. And I wanted to pop in and tell you I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, it is just that we've gone from a busy season into, well, a busier one!  Or maybe I should say more eventful.

This time of year is always full as a youth pastor's wife with all the graduation parties and festivities (which I love!), and of course now my daughter has extra things going on at school as well as her first year draws to a close (which is crazy because I feel like I was just writing this post).  Throw in some extra volunteering, a bout of sickness with both kids (yuck), out of town friends coming to visit (yay!), and the fact that it has been so beautiful this week (aahhhh) that it has been nearly impossible to stay inside long enough to get to a computer and, well, my little blog has been neglected.

But I will return sometime soon and we'll just have to catch up.  Look for some new posts in the next few hours or days and in the meantime, drink a good cup of coffee and know I'm thinking about you!


Jennifer (Sometimes known as The Sleep Deprived Mom)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Chocolate Chip Cookies and Wisdom

We recently had some sweet friends of ours from Maryland visit with their one year old daughter.  I have known Steph since she was a baby, but our relationship really started forming back in my college days when I would do summer Bible studies with middle school girls.  We did some more Bible studies when she was in high school and I was a young married girl.  Joey came along their senior year of high school and his life was drastically changed when he got saved and gave his life to Christ.

During their college years, they spent many weekend nights around the kitchen table in our little townhouse.  We would play cards and games, laugh and joke around, get in deep conversations about spiritual things and the meaningful stuff of life. Oh, and I would bake homemade chocolate chip cookies.  When I knew the gang was heading over I made sure I had ingredients for cookies, and just told them to bring a couple gallons of milk.  I can't tell you how many Friday nights we opened our door to see our little stoop filled with college students holding milk!  Our milk and cookie game nights forged some deep friendships.  Joey is now a youth pastor, and on the last night of their recent visit, he requested some homemade chocolate chip cookies like old times.  And after sneaking some of the dough we ate them hot out of the oven with cold glasses of milk, just like we used to.

It's funny how something simple like homemade cookies can make you feel.  Warm, accepted, loved, comforted.  They make you feel at home.

When Madi was a baby, my sister-in-law Karen gave us what has turned out to be one of my all time favorite children's books.  It is titled Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons, written and illustrated by Amy Rosenthal and Jane Dyer.  I think she gave it to Madi on her first birthday, and we read it countless times, to the point where some of Madi's first words were completing the little sentences in this book.

The little nuggets of wisdom are all explained in terms of cookies with charming illustrations.  Here are a few examples...

How about you add the chips while I stir?

MODEST means,
you don't run around telling everyone you make
the best cookies , even if you know it to be true.

LOYAL means
that even though the new person has a much bigger cookie
I'm sticking by you and your little cookies
because you're my very best friend.

And one of my favorites, found on the last pages of this delightful book...

WISE means,
I used to think I knew everything about cookies,
but now I realize I know about one teeny chip's worth.

And isn't that true?  I mean, a decade or so ago I was sure I "knew" so much about life, marriage, parenting, ministry, and lots of other things.  Ha. What I do know now is that the more I actually know, the more aware I am of how much I have to learn.  The further I get into life the more I realize how much I need God's direction because I am desperate for Him.  As I grow in wisdom I am aware I need Him with every breath, with every step on the journey.

Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

One more thing about homemade cookies, though.  I have discovered that they are always a well received pick-me-up!  It is a very simple but special way to tell someone they are loved and thought of.  So next time you make a batch, set aside a few for your family and give the rest to some friends or neighbors or someone in need of a hug.  Because as the little child says to a tearful and distressed kitty in our cookie book,

Don't worry, it's okay.
You can have part of my cookie.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom

Trevor is very into scents.  Some days he will cuddle up to me, put his little nose up to my neck, and just take a big old sniff.  When I ask him why he does that, he tells me it is because I am beautiful.  Interestingly, I know exactly what he means.  I remember my mom's scent when I was a girl.  I remember her Lauren or Shalimar perfume and the feel of her silk blouses on Sundays after church.  I remember wanting to cuddle with her on our gold hand-me-down couches on those afternoons when she was still dressed up and the sun shone through the windows.  I remember the click of her heels on our small linoleum entryway, and dreaming of the day I would be old enough to wear high heels.  I used to try hers on and walk around in them to hear that click-click sound, just as Madi does with mine now.

My mom gave us a wonderful childhood.  She sacrificed so much through the years to stay at home with us.  Some of my earliest memories are of us lying on our stomachs on the floor, each of us coloring a page in a coloring book.  Watching old I Love Lucy reruns.  Having toast and tea served to me on a tray when I was sick.  Picking yellow dandelions for her from the yard and seeing them displayed proudly in a canning jar on the kitchen table she bought a garage sale and painted numerous times through the years.  I remember hot oatmeal on cold Sunday mornings, and homemade chocolate chip cookies, sometimes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center of them on a hot summer evening.  Home cooked meals almost every night, the kinds of balanced meals with meat, multiple vegetables, a starch, and always a pitcher of iced tea.

When we went to school, she packed our lunch every single day, and served us a snack after school where we slowly opened up about our day.  She often gave me space after school because I was usually tired, grumpy, and not in the mood to talk just then.  I find myself having to do the same thing with Madi.  I now understand why my mom was so eager to hear the details of my day, and the restraint she had to use not to push but to let me have my time.  I now know that motherhood sometimes hurts.

She had to do everything on a dime.  Staying home on a steady but moderate pastor's income meant no fancy car for her to fact, it meant no car for her at all! My parents shared a car for my entire childhood.  I learned a lot from that.  She liked to look nice, and for her family to look nice as well, so she shopped sales with coupons.  I used to get upset sometimes because some of my friends could just go out and buy a brand new outfit simply because they liked it.  I was blessed to receive hand-me-downs from some families with great taste in clothes, but if we bought an outfit, it had to be on sale.  I would sometimes get frustrated when my mom told me to wait.  She would tell me it would go on sale.  Of course, like any kid, I wanted it now.  But she was right.  Eventually there would be a "red dot sale" and she would go in with her store coupons and the item would be marked far down.  I remain a faithful clearance rack and sale with coupon shopper thanks to my mom.

She decorated on a dime as well.  That gold hand-me-down furniture came at a time when they needed it, but to make it work, my mom needed to do a little redecorating.  It was the 80's and stenciling was the she and her friend stenciled pineapples around our entire living and dining room. I'm talking dozens of pineapples!  She even cross-stitched pineapples and put them in the glass of a hand-me-down coffee table to tie everything together.  Pineapples were in at the time, and they were the symbol of hospitality.  She would eventually grow tired of those pineapples, but would remain one of the most hospitable people I have ever met.

My mom opened our home to countless people through the years, and still does.  This is another way I have learned from her.  She uses hospitality as a true ministry, and I imagine that many who will read this blog have been blessed to share an evening or meal or party in her home.  And speaking of parties, she can throw a great one!!  Once she gets a theme or idea, she just can't help herself.  The details start flowing, and she finds herself a "partner in crime" to plan with.  She works like crazy, putting in tons of late night hours. But whether it's a 50's sock hop, Queen for a Day tea, Southern brunch, or tailgate sports party, it is bound to be one of the most fun, detailed events you've been to in a while.  You will leave with your stomach and heart full.  She knows that a good party draws people together, and that we need to be together.  She believes in celebrations.  She believes in looking for a reason to celebrate!  I love that about her.  And I love that I am that way too because of her.

My mom has a soft sweet spirit, very full of laughter and joy. Interestingly, she is also strong and resilient.  Proverbs 31 talks about strength and honor, and I have witnessed such in my mom.  Full time ministry, though a high calling filled with many absolutely wonderful aspects, can be more difficult than most know.  There are times you must navigate through deep waters with a quiet grace and dignity, drawing strength from the Lord and keeping much in your heart.  I cannot tell you what I have learned from my mom in this area.  She is a tremendous example of a gracious woman of dignity, and also an example of one who faithfully serves people alongside her husband in a quiet, encouraging way.  Her strength and resilience also amazed me when she had her battle with breast cancer in 1996.  She remained joyful and strong, probably for the rest of us.  She kept serving at church, kept working her part time job, kept volunteering.  I was in a school musical during that time and even though she was going through chemotherapy, she stood at the doors greeting and handing out programs for all six performances. I came across a picture of her from our cast party that year and she was wearing her wig and smiling at the camera.  And she looked so tired.  But I didn't see it then.  Because she kept going and serving and giving.

As for giving, that might be the word that best describes my mom.  Because she truly gives of herself every single day.  Today a lot of women are in the "self" mindset;  talk shows and magazines and other cultural influences are constantly declaring the importance of self this and that.  My mom has pretty much been the opposite of that; and I think that is why she is one of the most content people I know.  She has given her life to others, and I believe that is why she has been happily married for 38 years, has strong relationships with her kids and grandkids, and a wellspring of respect from the people whose lives she has touched through the years.  It is because she daily makes choices to put others' needs and even wants before her own.  And in return, she is blessed.  She has joy in the outpouring.  She rarely shows up at my house empty-handed; she may come holding a box of cereal and an orange juice because they were buy one get one free at the store and she thought I could use it; she will come bearing a new outfit for the kids that she got on sale, or an outfit she got for me because she remembers what it was like to be a young mom on a very tight budget.  She will bring us leftovers from a big meal or sometimes even a freshly cooked meal.  She even showed up with toilet paper the other day because it was on sale and she knows I am the world's worst at getting down to desperation level in the toilet paper department!  I told her I had just picked up a big pack at Aldi, but she told me to keep it, I would need it!

She continues to make every holiday special,  to plan celebrations, to be an unending help to our family by watching our kids, even volunteering occasionally to keep them overnight when they are free just so Jimmy and I can have some time to ourselves.  She is the best Grammie any child could ask for.   She remains a loving, supportive pastor's wife whose life is an example of a consistent walk with Christ.  There is so much more that I could write, so many more details from both past and present that make her the woman she is, that make her the hero she is.  I could fill volumes with memories and stories and reflections of a life that continues to be lived so fully, so graciously, so lovingly, so well.

But to sum her up, I go back to those Sundays after church on the couch, with the soft feel of her Sunday clothes and the scent of her nice perfume.  The reason I wanted to snuggle up to her then, and the reason I want to honor her now.  Because just like Trevor tells me when he stops and inhales Mommy's fragrance...she is beautiful.  The most beautiful woman I know.  

And today, I rise up and call her blessed.

Four generations of women this Mother's Day, 2011. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Take A Big Ol' Sip Of Sunshine

With some freshly made lemonade...doesn't have to be fresh squeezed, frozen concentrate will do the trick!

Sip it next to a bright bouquet.  Aldi has cheerful bunches for a mere $3.99....

And maybe even have a few old fashioned Lemon Cookies!

I used to love these when I was a kid, and have not been able to find them.  I was thrilled to come across some at Cracker Barrel the other day!  A refreshing, cool taste from my past.  

Put some sunshine on your table today!

I Forgot One!!

I just thought of another great Trevorism that I want to remember one day.  I wasn't there when he said it, but my friend Steph told me about it and it made me laugh, and I'm sure it will make me laugh in years to come!

She said that the evening when she and her husband and daughter were out with Jimmy and the kids while I was teaching piano lessons, they had Wendy's for dinner before heading to Downtown Disney.  At Wendy's they had Frosty's and all of a sudden Trevor put his hand on his head and exclaimed...

"I have freezer burn!!"

Pretty sure he meant to say a brain freeze.  


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today In Trevorisms

I know I probably sound like a broken record sometimes, but I have been loving this year with Trev!  While it was bittersweet to send Madi to school for the first time this year, it has been fun watching her thrive and enjoy special milestones with her, and it has been a blast having Mommy-Trev time during the day.  We have made a world of memories together this year!

One thing about being with him all day long is that he just says the cutest things.  Here are a few Trevorisms from today...

When searching for a book this morning that he said was about Easter and bunnies he asked...

Have you seen my Peter "Coppontail" book?

When driving back home from dropping Madi off at school and practicing with the chorus I am accompanying, I had the windows down so the beautiful morning breeze would blow in.  Guess it was bothering him because I suddenly heard...

Mommy, turn the wind off!!

While about to eat his breakfast at Cracker Barrel on our way to make a huge errand run, he saw the big scoop of butter on his pancakes and requested...

Grammie, can you take the ice cream off of my panpakes? 

When he didn't realize that Grammie had already headed home from Cracker Barrel and was looking for her as we went into the parking lot to head out to our errands, he asked seriously...

Where's "Deb"? (sounding exactly like my dad when he asks about my mom!)

This boy just makes me laugh!

But one of my favorite things he said today was out of the blue in the car on the way to get his sister from school and make a hospital visit...

Mommy, I wuv God.  And I wuv Jesus. 
 I want to worship them.

To which I could only reply,

"Me too, Trev.  Me too."

Oh, the wit and wisdom of little children.