Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Was My Coffee Mug This Morning...

Which explains a lot. And I wanted to pop in and tell you I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, it is just that we've gone from a busy season into, well, a busier one!  Or maybe I should say more eventful.

This time of year is always full as a youth pastor's wife with all the graduation parties and festivities (which I love!), and of course now my daughter has extra things going on at school as well as her first year draws to a close (which is crazy because I feel like I was just writing this post).  Throw in some extra volunteering, a bout of sickness with both kids (yuck), out of town friends coming to visit (yay!), and the fact that it has been so beautiful this week (aahhhh) that it has been nearly impossible to stay inside long enough to get to a computer and, well, my little blog has been neglected.

But I will return sometime soon and we'll just have to catch up.  Look for some new posts in the next few hours or days and in the meantime, drink a good cup of coffee and know I'm thinking about you!


Jennifer (Sometimes known as The Sleep Deprived Mom)

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