Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today In Trevorisms

I know I probably sound like a broken record sometimes, but I have been loving this year with Trev!  While it was bittersweet to send Madi to school for the first time this year, it has been fun watching her thrive and enjoy special milestones with her, and it has been a blast having Mommy-Trev time during the day.  We have made a world of memories together this year!

One thing about being with him all day long is that he just says the cutest things.  Here are a few Trevorisms from today...

When searching for a book this morning that he said was about Easter and bunnies he asked...

Have you seen my Peter "Coppontail" book?

When driving back home from dropping Madi off at school and practicing with the chorus I am accompanying, I had the windows down so the beautiful morning breeze would blow in.  Guess it was bothering him because I suddenly heard...

Mommy, turn the wind off!!

While about to eat his breakfast at Cracker Barrel on our way to make a huge errand run, he saw the big scoop of butter on his pancakes and requested...

Grammie, can you take the ice cream off of my panpakes? 

When he didn't realize that Grammie had already headed home from Cracker Barrel and was looking for her as we went into the parking lot to head out to our errands, he asked seriously...

Where's "Deb"? (sounding exactly like my dad when he asks about my mom!)

This boy just makes me laugh!

But one of my favorite things he said today was out of the blue in the car on the way to get his sister from school and make a hospital visit...

Mommy, I wuv God.  And I wuv Jesus. 
 I want to worship them.

To which I could only reply,

"Me too, Trev.  Me too."

Oh, the wit and wisdom of little children.

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