Saturday, May 21, 2011

In A Quiet Corner Of London

I may be the only person in America who hasn't watched the Royal Wedding yet.  Because I kind of live under a rock.  Jimmy and I have never had cable so we rarely turn the TV on except to watch movies.

I will eventually catch up with modern times and watch it, perhaps with tea and scones! But I saw some of the pictures and like everyone else, thought Kate's dress was absolutely stunning.  Thanks to my six year old with international flair, I've added quite a few Paris accents around here.  But with my need for change and all the festivities surrounding the Royal Wedding celebrations, I decided to create a little London vignette in my green chair corner.

Remember that little canvas I found at Michael's and used to make this simple, pretty Parisian accent?  I used another one to make a London accent.  And I must admit, I love it too.

Like most little girls of the 80's, I drooled over Princess Diana.  I had Princess Diana paper dolls and would often look through a coffee table book of her Royal Wedding.  She was so beautiful, and it breaks my heart that she much of the life she lived was filled with so much sadness.  I had just started college when she died and when I came home for Christmas between semesters, one of my gifts was a new Diana coffee table book, this one chronicling her life in remembrance of her.  So I pulled out that book to set in my little London corner.  I also set out an old English Lit textbook my husband found for me at a book sale in college (knowing his English major girlfriend would love it), my dad's old copy of Mere Christianity by  British author C.S. Lewis, a teacup made in England my sister-in-law gave me for a birthday present years ago, and an old silver tea piece given to me by a friend in the little church plant we served in as newlyweds.

It's sort of fun to go "shopping" in your own house!  You never know what you may come up with.

This is my new view when I sit in my green chair.  These days I drink my coffee, read, study, and write in a quiet corner of London.

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