Thursday, May 26, 2011

Special Delivery!

Last week, on a spectacularly gorgeous day, I had the front door open with the breeze blowing in while waiting for a friend to arrive.  All of a sudden someone was at my door, but it was not the friend I was expecting - it was Miss Karen, a lovely and sweet friend of ours from church.  We talked for a moment about how much we were enjoying the beauty of the week, and she said she had just come from blueberry picking and asked if I had a bowl.  She knows my love for blueberries, and when I got out a big bowl she filled it up with fresh picked local ones! What a special surprise delivery that was!

I have been enjoying those blueberries every day, but this afternoon still had quite a few left.  They were at the point where I needed to either use them or freeze them.  I decided to use them to make two loaves of homemade blueberry bread, which were crusty on top and filled with generous amounts of those fresh blueberries.

It was so good warm out of the oven.  Thank you Karen for showing up on my doorstep with such a treat!

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