Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shoe Security

On Saturday morning I flew to my hometown in Maryland for the quickest trip ever.  One of my very first piano students has gone and grown up on me, turning into an absolutely wonderful Christian young lady, not to mention musician.  She is graduating high school and going to be studying music composition in college, and her family very generously flew me in to be able to attend her senior recital which was such a privilege.  I was thrilled that it all worked out, and got up at 4:15 Saturday to head to the airport and got back to my house around 11:30 Sunday night from a fast, but fantastic, trip.

Because the trip was so quick I packed everything in a tote bag so I didn't have to check baggage.  As I was going through the (very long) security line in the wee hours of the morning, the security agent running the bags through x-ray stopped and said those four dreaded words..."Is this your bag?"

Immediately my mind started mulling over what I had in there that was going to be an issue, thinking that because of my obsession with a clean mouth I may have accidentally left a miniscule amount of mouthwash in my purse that was not in a ziploc bag, wondering if I was going to have to totally unpack my tote over some unintentional mistake.  Wondering if I had once again been selected for a random bag search.  You know, typical airport stress.

"Yes, it is," I answered politely, waiting for the reprimand or orders to move aside to be searched, and determining to do so with a good attitude.  At six a.m.  Which was when the agent remarked,

"You've got some sassy heels in there, girl."

Which was not what I was expecting him to say.  

Sassy heels.  

Who knew?

(I wonder what he thought of the "Little Black Oven Mitt" I had in there to give to my friend Laurie, who is back in college studying culinary arts.  Because let me tell you, in the world of oven mitts, it definitely falls in the sassy category.)



  1. When Nancy would play the piano in church! She was amazing on the piano. She sure did have a wonderful first teacher. I was so shock to walk in- Sunday and hear you playing the piano and singing. What a joy!
    I love the shoe- story!

  2. LOL I just love Orlando :o)

  3. Beth Ann told us you were coming to town for Nancy's recital. We wanted to be there but unfortuntely had other plans for that day. Sorry we missed seeing you. I just can't believe how fast Nancy grew up! :)

  4. LOL that was a hoot to read considering I am sitting at the airport and had an exciting time passing thru security.