Friday, April 29, 2011

Create A Moment

It is both refreshing and revitalizing to create a quiet moment for yourself or those you love. Whether it's taking a hot bath with a good bar of soap...

 Or stopping to light a candle and drink a good cup of coffee....

Or reading a chapter of a book, making a warm cup of tea, sitting outside for five minutes with morning breeze in your face, taking a few moments to watch the sun go down, going for a walk through your neighborhood, reading a Psalm, meditating on a Scripture, or sitting in the car until your favorite worship song ends instead of rushing right into the house.  You may have to find the moment because the moment doesn't always find you.  You may have to fight the guilt you may feel when you put your feet up.  You may have to relinquish control and rest your busy mind.  If you have little ones you may have to sneak away, lock the door, or find that moment when they are tucked in bed for the night or before they have woken up in the morning!

But stop.  Slow down. Take a break.  Breathe deeply.  Exhale slowly. Do something small but significant to add a sense of calm to your day.  Be quiet.  Be still.  Know He is God, and let the peace that stems from that awareness rule your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Psalm 107:29 
"He calms the storm, So that its waves are still."

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