Friday, April 29, 2011

Handy Dandy

Was anyone else reminded on Easter how delectable deviled eggs are?  It had been so long since I had eaten them, and I was craving some more today so I made a batch. I put them in my handy, dandy....

...deviled egg carrier! (Some of you moms of little ones thought I was going to say notebook, didn't you?!)  This is the niftiest little carrier from Martha Stewart Living.  It's such a great way to store and transport eggs, and if you take out the inserts it can be used to transport small sandwiches, tarts, or other small treats.

Another handy item in my life is my scarf hanger.

My mom put this in my stocking at Christmas and it is the perfect way to store scarves year round!

I've also been loving my portable insulated cups.

I am huge water drinker.  Before I sing I usually like to drink room temperature water from bottles, and for years have been in the habit of keeping a bottle of water with me all the time.  But bottled water can get pretty hot when you are running around in the Florida heat and I have been loving how cold these cups keep my water, even in the hot car!  Though I have heard there are other cups out there that do the same job but don't I just may try out a Tervis Tumbler or something like it someday soon.  Because a sweat free insulated cup sounds really handy!

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