Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Minnie Mouse Birthday Breakfast!

A couple of years ago I started making birthday breakfasts in our home a big deal, and it is a tradition that has stuck big time!  The kids now look so forward to seeing what will be on the table when they wake up on their birthday, and I admit I have a ball picking a theme and staying up late the night before preparing for the morning's surprises!  This year was our first birthday breakfast where we had to rush out to school, so I did much of the prep work the night before, even making the baked oatmeal so all I had to do was reheat it in the oven in the morning.  And of course we had our traditional cinnamon rolls (from a can as always, thank you Pillsbury!) with candles in them.  The kids would not think a birthday breakfast was the same without canned cinnamon rolls!!  

Since Madi has enjoyed Disney so much this year and is very into Minnie, I went with a Minnie Mouse themed breakfast.  Party City had a good deal on the paper goods, and I found darling little paper lanterns at the dollar store.  My big splurge was the cake, which we ate later in the day...this was the first cake I have ever bought for anyone!  I usually just bake cupcakes or make my own simple cakes!  But when I went to our local bakery with my mom who was ordering a lovely cake for Madi's Paris Party, I saw this Minnie Mouse cake sitting on the shelf waiting for pick up and  Without asking the size, I just pointed to it and said I want that one!  With chocolate cake and cookies and cream filling, please.  It looked and tasted amazing, but little did I know that 10 inch cake could have probably served 35 people!  Oops!  Well, somehow we finished it.  Someone in this house has a serious taste for chocolate cake.  I won't reveal who.  I just know she writes some blog about coffee and chaos. Ahem.

Here is Madi's breakfast table in the early morning, ready for the birthday girl to come out!

What cheer those $1 lanterns added!  I'm in love with lanterns these days.

The absolutely gorgeous and amazingly delicious (not that I would know) Minnie Mouse cake.  My spontaneous whim made the centerpiece, and I must admit, it was perfect.  Such a sweet, pretty cake for my sweet, pretty girl.

Most of her gifts were small trinkets from Disney.  I put all of them in a new tote bag for her, and left the France Minnie Mouse that she had been dying for hanging out of the top, as well as a Minnie birthday ribbon for to wear on her field trip that day!  Just little gifts but she adored every one.

I've said it many times and I'll say it again.  Birthdays matter in our home because people matter in our home.  Birthdays are worth celebrating because people are worth celebrating.  What fun we had this day, starting with our lantern lit breakfast!

Live. Enjoy. Love. Celebrate.

Life is a gift from God.

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