Thursday, April 14, 2011


Are there any others out there who feel like April is rushing by in a blur of activity?

I thought so!  April is always a busy (albeit wonderful) month.  Last week I was tres occupe getting ready for Madi's Paris party and other birthday celebrations.  I was busy cleaning, shopping, decorating, and making a few projects such as these...

Those frames had been in my closet from a sale a couple of years now, it felt good to use them!  We also had a big milestone...Madi's first school birthday cupcakes!!

Since the school rule is that any treats have to be store bought not homemade (I know, times have changed, right?) Trevor and I headed off to Sam's where you can get a lot of cupcakes for your money.  I was thrilled that they had these adorable Hello Kitty cupcakes 30 for $12.98!  15 were chocolate, 15 were vanilla.  It was pretty much the perfect situation.  I had arranged with her teacher to bring these in on Thursday since Friday, her actual birthday, was her first field trip.  But I didn't ever tell Madi I was bringing them in.  When Trevor and I got to the classroom holding our gigantic box of cupcakes (which I almost dropped, but what else is new) Madi was at one of the computers wearing headphones.  The computer faces the wall so she didn't hear or see us.  As her fellow kindergartners started being drawn to the cupcakes like moths to light, one of them called her name.  She turned around wearing those gigantic headphones, saw us, and her eyes got huge - and her cheeks turned pink - then she broke out in a grin - then she ran to me and gave me the longest, tightest hug.  She almost started crying.  It was a big moment for her when her classmates sang "Happy Birthday" and happily ate their Hello Kitty cupcakes.  Then I signed her out a little early and she left proud as a peacock.

Speaking of peacocks, we saw two gorgeous ones on her field trip to the farm!

And did you know peacocks are loud?  I mean loud! My husband and I were gawking and snapping photos like the city folk that we are.  I think the other parents were a bit amused with our fascination.  We can't help it.  Our Chicago and D.C. suburban upbringings often make us look like dorks around here, especially when we find ourselves on a farm.  Oh, but speaking of the farm, these two sheep had been born that morning, meaning they shared a birthday with Madi which she was thrilled about!

They were so cute!  And yes those are their umbilical cords hanging out (gag).  There was also some unidentified object that was possibly the placenta lying on the ground that made me want to pass out, but I kept it cool.  Like, you know, just another day on the farm (as beads of sweat formed on my temples).  However, a trip to the farm included a pony ride for every kid, which put a huge smile on our birthday girl's face!  And since Jimmy was one of the few males over the age of six, he was designated to hoist every.single.kid from the two classes in our group onto the ponies.  So maybe I sort of volunteered him.  But as always, he was a good sport and the kids loved him!  One called him "Buddy" the entire day. :)

After our field trip we went home for cake, which for the record, was absolutely delicious.  So delicious that I will not reveal how much of it I ate all week.  Let's just say I am not to be trusted with a huge chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling in my refrigerator.

After cake we all rested, then spent the evening at Downtown Disney having dinner at Rainforest Cafe (Madi's choice every year!) and shopping for a few pins at the pin shop.  It was a big day for our birthday girl.  Then Saturday was...

The Paris Party!

Which was tres merveilleux! I will eventually post some photos of Madi's six year old soiree, but it was an absolutely fabulous time, both for the little girls and for the ladies!  Don't you love a good party?  I think celebrating is a grand idea.  It is amazing how celebrations draw us together out of our busy lives.

Well, that's all for now.  It has been another busy week here, and I have some extra responsibilities over the next week that are going to keep me busier than usual as well.  But I will try to pop in and catch up a bit if possible.  I've missed my Coffee, Chaos, and Contentment pals!

Au revoir for now...hope to connect again soon!



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  1. wow! What a wonder-filled, fun birthday! She is a cutie!