Monday, April 25, 2011

Apron Couture

I've told you before about my thoughtful friend Laurie.  She reminds me of my mom in that she always seems to find the perfect little treats that remind you that you are loved, that someone knows you and your interests matter to them, and that you are thought of.  She is a fellow gift love language gal, and her thoughtfulness is a deep well of encouragement to me and my family!

My kids adore her, so when a package arrived the other day from Miss "Waurie" (as Trevor calls her), they pretty much started freaking out and begging to open it.  In it were a few Easter treats for them, as usual the perfect little things!  She had included some fun craft supplies, a magazine for each of them, and a couple fun candy treats.

But let me tell you about one of the things she sent me!

Knowing my love for aprons, she sent me one in the most adorable vintage bunny print.  I immediately fell in love with its subdued toile beauty.

It deserved a place of honor, so I moved the bust that my mom got to use at Madi's Paris Party and a future ladies event at church into the kitchen and dressed her in my new frock.  I think I am going to name her Lillian, simply because I love that name, or perhaps Adelaide.  Hmmm, two of my favorites, that's a tough decision.  Either way, my friend looked lovely standing in the corner showing off her fancy new apron and wearing a string of pearls.  She and I have a lot in common actually, with the whole short torso/curvy hip thing going on (not to mention our love of fashion and a good set of faux pearls).

What a fun treat from a dear friend!  Oh and I mentioned the Paris Party...I will try to share some snapshots from our celebration real soon!  I would do it tonight but I had the privilege of sharing an evening at Melting Pot with some treasured girls in my life and I am full, happy, and ready to curl up in my bed with a book!

Good night loves.  Dream sweet!

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