Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Letters

Dear Madi,

You looked so beautiful today.  In your white dress and blue bow you were a little angel.  You were so excited about your fun Easter treats, and by tonight had half of them on, including your stick on earrings, pearl necklace and bracelet, new flip-flops, and Vera Bradley purse from your Grammie!  But what made my heart sing is something you told me on the way home from church today in the car.  You sat in the worship service this morning, and it was a glorious celebration of our Risen Savior with powerful music and videos and testimonies. On the way home you said in a timid voice, "Mommy, I wanted to cry in all those videos today.  Especially the last one.  Actually, I wanted to cry the whole time, during the songs and while Daddy and Paw Paw talked.  That's why I was rubbing my eyes because they kept filling with tears.  I didn't want anyone to know because I felt embarrassed."

I explained to you that you never have to feel embarrassed about tears because they show you have a sensitive heart for the Lord.  I told you how sometimes Mommy cries because I love Jesus so much. In fact, I remember being close to your age when I got saved - on April 18th, 1985 actually - and after I prayed with Paw Paw I wanted to cry so, so badly but I felt embarrassed.  I didn't know then that God loves a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  I didn't know then about the woman who washed Jesus' feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair.

But now I know.  And I want you to know it is okay to cry out of love for Jesus, out of sorrow for your sins, out of hurt for your or others pain, or out of sheer joy.  It is beautiful even. Your sweet tears are precious to Him.

And they are precious to me.



Dear Trev,

Well, you knocked my socks off today, Handsome.  You were something else sportin' those white pants and that cool vest and tie.  Evidently you knocked some other people's socks off because after church you gestured at your outift and declared, "Everyone wiked me today, Momma."

Well that's good to know. :)

You're such a little confident buddy, and so happy.  I loved watching you climb into your new friend Miss Ruth's lap at the retirement home, comfortable to chat with her and talk to her and let her be a part of your day.  You spread so much joy, there is just something about you!

And you are quite the charmer.  Like how lately when I get on to you, you stop and tell me, "You're so cute."  The other day you even said those words then whispered to me with a twinkle in your eye, "I tell you that when you get mad."  Now what am I supposed to do with that??!!

I'll tell you what I do. I laugh and smile because you are just plain hilarious, and continue to pray every day that you will love God personally and serve Him all of the days of your life.  That you will have an authentic relationship with Him and make a difference in the world for His glory.   That one day this little charmer with a twinkle in his eye and an outpouring of love and joy to spread will grow to be a mighty man of God who uses that inner confidence and joy to serve Him.

Know that my prayers are with you and Madi daily.  I have prayed for you since the moment I knew you were growing inside of me.  You certainly keep me on my toes, but you also keep me on my knees.  And I promise to stay there for you.

Thanks for making us all laugh.  Thank you for praying over our special family lunch today, and thanking God in your words that at church, "everybody singed and I watched."  Happy Easter, Trevor.  He is risen!

He is risen, indeed.


Dear Friends and Readers,

Happy Easter!  I hope you had the happiest of days!  But most of all I hope you know the risen Savior personally.  He makes all things new.  And He loves you so very much.

In His Love,


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