Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have had one of those weeks where a lot of my roles kept colliding.

It's been a good week, but a busy one where I had to work extra hard to juggle everything.  In addition to my usual roles as wife, mom, youth pastor's wife, piano teacher, mentor, musician, etc. I have been helping care for my grandma and staying with her as my parents have been out of town to visit my brother and his family.  I was glad to do it, especially because my parents help us out all the time with our kids during ministry events, date nights, and the occasional overnight trip...but it was admittedly interesting to juggle it all!

Monday my husband had two tickets to a youth pastors' event at Hollywood Studios and he really wanted me to come.  It was a 2 hour music event including artists Meredith Andrews, Christ August, and Toby Mac.  Madi was in school, and our friends kept Trevor so I was able to join Jimmy for the event.  I was so glad it worked out because it ended up being a fantastic few hours.

Not only was the music great - it was scaled down, often acoustic, and intimate - but the artists were very encouraging.  They all spoke words of encouragement into our lives as people who are also passionate about pursuing and reaching youth culture for Jesus.  And Toby Mac shared his testimony of how his life was changed when he accepted Christ as his Savior at camp with a volunteer youth pastor who had invited him to go.  We laughed as he told us how he really thought he was going to a basketball camp, and how at first he and his buddies were a little confused as to why they kept listening to preaching in between basketball and the other activities!

He told of how the messages this youth pastor had shared just wouldn't get out of his head during that week of camp, and how he woke the pastor up in the night because he wanted to settle things right then and there.  He talked about how now he and the other musicians in his band get to come in for a concert and leave, but how youth pastors and youth leaders are in the trenches week after week.  It was a very uplifting testimony, and I appreciated it so.  Sometimes those of us in student ministry need a little pouring into, and that is what we were blessed to experience.  It was particularly timely because recently we have been getting our flyers and info out for this summer's upcoming camp, and probably most in the room are doing so as well.  That youth pastor who led Toby Mac to Christ probably had no idea the enormous influence that teenager would have for Christ through music over many years to come.  He was just faithful to reach out to a student, faithful to do the tasks God had placed before him, faithful to share Christ with a bunch of teenagers who at first didn't even know what to think about the whole Jesus thing.  He was faithful, and in perfect God style, God multiplied the simple faithfulness of a common man into something far reaching for His kingdom.

I am amazed at the God we serve.

Not only were we encouraged at the event, but Jimmy was excited because one of his old Chicago friends plays in Toby Mac's Diverse City Band, and he had arranged to meet up with him after the show.  They ended up making dinner plans, and Jimmy wanted me to come along.  I wasn't sure if it would happen because not only would I have to find someone to watch the kids for the evening, I would have to find someone to take my grandma out for the evening!  I had promised her I would get her out for dinner and to the grocery store that night!

Thanks to a few good friends who willingly jumped in to help when asked, I was able spend the evening visiting with Jimmy and his old friend.  After going home to get the kids settled in and my grandma ready, we went back out for the evening to meet up with his friend. It's always neat to meet people from your husband's past.  After a nice visit we headed home and I got the kids settled in bed, then went back to my parent's to help my grandma with her nighttime routine.

The juggling was all worth it though.  Though exhausted, I really did go to bed that night with an encouraged heart, thankful for the music and testimonies we heard that day, and for the help of a few good friends who allowed me to experience it all with the husband I love.

So wherever you sit, if an uplifting opportunity (or maybe just even a chance to spend some quality time with your husband) awaits that may require some juggling to get it.  It will be so worth it.

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