Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today was my parent's 38th wedding anniversary.

I realize that very few marriages are enduring anymore.  I am grateful to have been raised in a family where my parents lived out their vows.  I do not take this for granted.  My husband and I have learned so much from them and the way they have served God and their family with grace and consistency for so long.

Some words that come to mind when I think of my parents and their marriage are...

Sacrifice.  Celebration.  Perseverance.  Enjoyment.  Relationship.  Time.  Humility.  Commitment.  Understanding.  Deference.  Love.  Loyalty.  Devotion.

My mom's favorite flowers are hydrangeas.  When I used hydrangeas as one of the primary flowers in my wedding, I learned that they are often used as symbol for devotion.  I was thrilled to come across some absolutely stunning hydrangeas at Publix today.  I knew I had found the perfect anniversary present for them!  I left them in their house with a card so that they could come home to them after their journey back from Arizona.

Their vibrant beauty is a reflection of the beauty found in devotion to a spouse, in keeping covenant and respecting vows, in creating stability, love, and pleasure for a family.  In serving God together faithfully. In making a house a home.  In valuing people and relationships over things.  They are a reflection of the value of all the beautiful things I learned from two simple people who have made an extraordinary impact on my life.

Happy 38th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!  I pray you will have many more years together.  

May it only grow more beautiful.


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents! I used hydrangeas as the main flower in our wedding, and I didn't even know they were the symbol of devotion! :) Cool!