Saturday, April 2, 2011

Artisanat Tres Simple

I made the most simple craft yesterday.  It was so easy that I almost feel guilty!  I was in one of my happy places (also known as Michael's) and I saw these pretty little canvases for $2.

I thought it was so pretty, and thought I may be able to make something for the Paris party with it.  I went to the scrapbooking section and found a beautiful set of Jolee's Boutique Paris stickers.  The largest sticker in the pack was a glittery Eiffel tower with a red, white, and blue striped ribbon attaching a Paris sticker to it.  When I got home, I took a piece of sheer pink ribbon that I had tied around a canning jar off, and took the red, white, and blue ribbon off of the sticker.  I used the pink ribbon to attach the Paris sticker to the Eiffel tower, and tied a bow.  The bow was not laying quite right after I trimmed it, so I actually used my flat iron to get it just right! (Never know when those beauty tools may come in handy!)

That's all I did.  Honestly, it was so simple it almost seems ridiculous.  But this is how it looked when finished...

It catches the light from the window and is just lovely.  Tres jolie. I am crazy about it! My mom was too when she saw it this morning - she wanted to know where I got it and couldn't believe I made it - I had to convince her how easy it was!

Simple, inexpensive, and lovely.  Je l'adore!

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  1. "Simple-craft" are two words that must accompany anything I attempt! Very cute!