Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Wike This Pwace...

We have a friend, Miss Lisa, who is the type of person that just sort of oozes with love for people.  She has a lovely smile and is always encouraging.  For the past year or two she has been an activities director for a large local retirement home, and she is wonderful with the residents there.  Thursday Trevor and I had the privilege of sharing in an Easter party that she coordinated with the residents.  Trev was a bit shy upon entering the room, but it didn't take him long to warm up and before long he said, "I change my mind, I wike this pwace."  And no wonder!  He got to hear some Easter stories read by a former teacher....

And do all sorts of fun activities like decorating cookies, dyeing eggs, making a craft, going on an egg hunt, and eating a picnic lunch outside on a beautiful day.

He and the other little ones were delightful, and spread some Easter cheer to the residents simply by their presence, life, and enthusiastic energy.

He even made a new friend!

Miss Ruth, the lovely lady in blue, and Trev took to each other right away.  She described him as so lovable.  And I would have to agree.  It's amazing what joy the old receive from the young.  They feed off of their energy and welcome their smiles and hugs.  On Veteran's Day I sang and my dad led prayer at a small service at this same center.  I had settled my kids in the back and told them to be quiet and respectful.  When I looked back to check on them as I was singing, I saw Trev sitting on a woman's lap in a wheelchair, happy as a clam.  After that particular service one of the men who had fired the guns in the salute was showing some things to Trevor, and my little buddy spontaneously reached out and gave him a hug.  I saw the man's eyes fill immediately with tears.  I pondered that it is possible this man had not been hugged in a long time. You never do know.

I am thankful for the things my kids are learning by sharing a little piece of their lives with some seniors.  It is valuable. A special thanks to Miss Lisa for allowing us to join in the fun every once in awhile - and for being a bright spot in the lives of so many in that home!

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  1. What a wonderful experience for your kids and you! I'm certain you were a blessing to those living at the retirment home. Your love for others is inspiring, Jen!