Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something Old, Something New

So lately everyone has been asking me about my "new" couches.  Which cracks me up because they are hand-me-downs from my parents that were purchased in my college years, probably sometime around 1999/2000!   When we moved here and built our house, we decided not to fill the dining room area of our great room with dining furniture, but to use it for more functional seating and living space.  So we kept our old couches we bought in 2001 before we got married, and my parents gave use their old set.  We put our old ones in the main living area, their old love seat in the dining area, and their old pull out couch in our music room.

However, that comfortable over-stuffed furniture that we purchased before our wedding was starting to literally fall apart after a decade of being extremely well used.  When we moved here I bought some blankets to cover up some of the worst parts, but they were getting to be in pretty bad shape. And my husband decided to move his full drum kit  into the music room because he is helping a friend work on a recording project.  So it was time to move some things around.

It's funny how moving things around can make things feel new and fresh - even if everything is over 10 years old!  We moved my parents hand-me-down furniture into the main living area, got rid of our large couch which was in the worst shape, and kept the tattered-but-still-hanging-in-there love seat for now, moving it into the dining area.  (One day I would absolutely love to get rid of it and buy two small leather recliners for this seating area.  But that's one day....and definitely not today!)

To freshen up the look further I moved a pillow from the playroom onto our old love seat, and the other day found some extremely reasonable and adorable spring pillows.  My mom and dear friend Marti who was in town (and is like family to us) were with me, fell in love with them too, and offered to contribute to helping me get a whole set. I had some Mother's Day money and combined with their sweet help was able to get four new pillows for my parents' old couches and a small one for my green chair.

And now, everyone who walks in asks me about my "new" furniture!  Love it!

Something old, something new.

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