Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Par-Tea!

Oh, what fun we had at Madi's Valentine Tea Party!  God blessed us with a bright, warm, sunshiney day and the hours we spent together with these sweet, lovely girls were filled with laughter, smiles, and lots of love!

My parents dropped by right before the party with something special...the aprons I'd had my eye on!  What a fun surprise for my little hostess and me to wear!

We set out a teacup fountain one of the girls had given us as a gift awhile ago.  It was so pretty and the sound so peaceful - truly a thoughtful gift that added atmosphere to our afternoon.

We had chicken salad and meatballs for lunch, and of course special drinks and lots of sweet treats to choose from.

I think the teenage girls' favorite thing was the coffee punch!!  We have this at all of our ladies events at church, and it is a definite treat!  Madi had a teacup of hot cocoa with heart shaped marshmallows.

Another favorite from the party was when we decorated frames as a craft project.  The girls had the best time making these!  We decided to need to have more craft time together soon!

From the food and crafts to the Cupid Shuffle and hula hoops, the laughter and fun and music around the piano, the ring pops and lollipops and all things sweet....

It was Valentine's Par-Tea to remember!


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