Friday, January 28, 2011

More Signs That Valentine's Day Is A' Comin'!

I found these adorable little sparkly pink heart ornaments at Michael's - at six for $1.99 they were a great deal and pretty addition to my Valentine's Tree!

 It may seem like a little thing, but this tree brings me so much happiness...when the sunlight hits my windows in the afternoon there are little rainbows all over the tree that reflect onto my windows.  Those fun bursts of color just put a little more pep in my step and make me stop to look and reflect on the color and vibrance that love adds to life!

I also found some adorable wooden treasures at Michael's for 69 cents - with a glue gun and ribbon they also became ornaments for my tree, adding cheer and sparkle to my days.

I wanted to do something with actual Valentines, so I took some and cut the front panels off, punched a hole in them, strung ribbon through the holes, and hung them from the windows in my kitchen and my front window by the tree.  So extremely simple but a cheerful detail!

I love giving homemade goodies to people I love, and these take out cartons make for a perfect Valentine's season delivery! This little carton was filled with Oatmeal Scotchies for a friend who loves them as much as I do!

And nothing says Valentine's Day Is A'Comin' like a tray of freshly baked Cake Balls!!  I made these for Madi's tea party tomorrow...I just can't wait to shower that group of high school and college girls in love and have the treat of spending time together...and I thought these would be perfect for the occasion!  Don't worry, I taste tested them and they were just fine, no problems at all. :)

If you've never made Cake Balls, they are dreamy.  I gave them my first try this can check out this link, or go visit Bakerella online.  She is the queen bee of Cake Balls!

I hope you are enjoying the Valentine's Season as much as we are!!  More posts to come about the season of love!!

xoxo, jennifer


  1. I'll never decorate my house or my table as much as you do, BUT I have to say your blog inspired me to pick up a couple of Valentine's decorations at Michael's today (50% off), and I'm already enjoying the welcome sign made of hearts. For the first 9 years of our marriage the same welcome sign hung on our wall all year round, but now I've had 3 different ones up the past several months (one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, and now one for Valentine's Day). Your sense of style is slightly contagious! :-)

  2. Ha, well I am glad to hear it!! Doesn't it just put you in a good mood to see something festive around the house?! I love seasonal cheer! Good for you!!! Thanks for sharing!! (And I will warn you, Michael's is quite addicting may be heading down a slippery slope, lol! :) )