Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breakfast For Dinner And Other Tales Of A Shoestring Budget

So you know how January is usually the month you try to catch up from Christmas, go easy on the budget, and get yourself back in line for the year?

That's what I was hoping to do.  But then our alternator went out on the van.  Which was a bummer.

However, I have to hand it to my husband because he looked some things up and asked some questions and figured out how to put it in himself.  Which saved us $118.  You rock, babe!

But we still had to buy the alternator!  So here's my plan...

I am trying to avoid making a big grocery run this week.  Thankfully I hit both Aldi and Walmart last week, and my husband picked up bread, milk, and toilet paper on his way back from the auto store.  My goal for this week, and if at all possible into next week, is to use up things I have in the pantry, fridge, and freezer and not make my usual weekly trip to the grocery store.  I may have to pick up an essential or two, or supplement to a meal, but that's it!  I am going to try hard to do this!

Monday night, after my husband finished the repairs, we had ravioli, sauce, 1/2 a bag of frozen meatballs, and the last three pieces of Texas Toast in the freezer.  Oh, and half of a bag of frozen broccoli.  It was yummy!

Last night I pulled this out - the Cracker Barrel mix and syrup were Christmas gifts from some friends and were delicious

And I must say, there is nothing like the smell of breakfast cooking.  I already had the griddle heated and bacon cooking when my kids walked in after my husband retrieved them from my mom's where they were hanging out during my piano lessons.  When my son came through the door, he asked what I was cooking.  I told him pancakes and bacon to which he replied, "  Thank you!!!"

Tonight is youth group night and since my husband doesn't usually make it home, I think the kids and I will have grilled cheese and soup.  We usually have tomato, but chicken noodle it is since I that's what's in the pantry!  It's a cold day so that will be perfect.

I had some ground beef in the freezer so I put it in the fridge to thaw - since I have the ingredients to make homemade salsa, as well as chips and cheese, I think tomorrow night will be nacho night.  My husband is already excited - he loves when I make nachos!!  I have a can of corn I can make for a side, and found a blueberry muffin mix in the pantry so I make a batch of those too.

I will let you know how I do on this!!  Hopefully I can make it through at least this week...we will see!

Oh, and thanks to my wonderful mom who picked up some dish soap for us when she was at Target today. You rock too! :)


  1. I live in this state, perpetually. You can do it! It can be fun and creative. A good challenge.

  2. That is funny because I did a similar thing this past week! Dan & I set a low grocery budget for his first paycheck to see how we would do. With $50/week set aside for groceries, we did alright the first 2 weeks of marriage! I put up a menu on the whiteboard based on what we had, and we have had a week of yummy meals! And fun for both of us to know what we're having all week.

  3. We are doing the same thing. We had car insurance due this month...worst month ever to have a big bill waiting to be paid!

    Love your son's response to the pancakes & bacon!

  4. Sounds like you are on the same page as we are! We had a fritatta last was so very yummy!

  5. Great job! We do the same thing. Our second car (a 1993 Honda Accord) just broke down too. Living on a tight budget, we shop at Aldi too and often get things from our local Farmer's Market. I cook from my pantry all the time on tight weeks. This week I made Broken Spaghetti & was super yummy!
    Have fun creating!! :)