Friday, January 28, 2011

Jesus In Our Homes

This morning as I spent some coffee time with my Savior, I continued my study through Beth Moore's Jesus: 90 Days With The One And Only.

The time working through this study has been time well spent.

Today was no exception.  The passage was from Mark 1 where Jesus heals Simon's very ill mother-in-law from a threatening fever.  Beth talked about how verse 39 says Jesus "bent over her" - he didn't heal her from afar, but drew close to her.  He was involved with those he helped and healed.

Then she said this, which struck a chord within my heart...

"Our homes today are threatened by fevers of all sorts - far beyond the physiological: unresolved conflict, unforgiveness, unfaithfulness, compromising media communications, pornography, and more.  We need Jesus in our homes."

Oh friends, how we do.  We need him.  We need him desperately.  He is in our home.  I hope He is in yours.  I pray you have experienced the vibrant life he breathes into a heart and home.

In today's journal section, all I could write was this in regards to our family and our home...

You are welcome here, Lord Jesus.  

We welcome You here.

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