Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beauty In The Day

Wednesday was a day spent at home, starting with teaching some music lessons followed by spending time at home with Trevor  and working around the house.  I stopped several times to notice the beauty in the day. Here is what I saw...

The simple glow of a votive candle in a jelly jar.

A four year old's morning masterpiece.

A fresh rose bouquet...$3.99 at Aldi.  Doesn't cost much to bring natural beauty into your home, and what life it adds to the table!

Produce to enjoy.  Nature's bounty, provision, and color.

A homemade cappuccino mix made by one friend in a Mary Poppins mug given to me by another friend.  At 31 I count true friends a rare and beautiful treasure.

A lovely and unique necklace and earring set given to me by mom this week.  The white wood gave me a sense of freshness, sunshine, and winter days with spring around the corner.

Books that my son and I shared in the green chair, some which made him giggle impossibly.  Belly laughs are music to my ears!

A five year old's paint palette bursting with color and possibility.

And her painting of a birthday party.  She loves birthdays, and is already planning for hers in April.  She wants this to go on the door.  I think that's a fine idea.

Most days if we look for it, there is beauty to be found.  What can you count as beautiful today?

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