Friday, January 21, 2011

Good News (Whoop!) and Paper Dolls

Guess what?

The doctor deemed Madi's ears and throat strep and infection free this afternoon!!  This is great news!  Yes, she was running a fever by the time we got to his office, but he thinks it's just viral - probably the beginning of a yucky cold or maybe a version of what her brother had this week.  Pretty much what I suspected. However, she is not near as sick as he was and will hopefully stay that way with the help of some over the counter meds and down time this weekend.  And of course a little extra attention and snuggle time from parents and grandparents!

On the way home we had to go to the store (in another downpour - this seems to be a trend with the two of us!) and on the way we ran into Michael's.  We found some masks for her to decorate which made for a nice Friday night in activity!

Earlier in the week when Trev was sick but getting antsy and bored of movies and laying around, we happened to have two gorgeous days in the high 70's - though I wish he could have spent them running around, I let him have a little time on the back porch with bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  I also broke out most of  the puzzles in the house which kept his little hands busy and gave him a sense of accomplishment!

What activities do you do with your little ones when they are under the weather?!

I have specific memories of spending a whole entire vacation in Florida extremely sick when I was about 7 or 8 - we even made a trip to the ER when my fever didn't want to budge from 104 - and I remember my dear mom spending almost the whole trip on the couch with me playing Princess Diana paper dolls.  She traced the Diana doll and made herself a Princess Sarah (Fergie) doll....I am definitely dating myself as a child of the 80's here!

But the thing is, I'll never forget how nice it was to have something to do - even something as simple as paper dolls - when I felt so miserable.  And I will always have fond memories of my mom doing that for me.

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  1. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon!

    I just read the comment you left me...guess we were visiting each other at the same time :o)