Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oatmeal and Cinnamon Toast!!

Last night I had a major craving for oatmeal and cinnamon toast.  Are there any other cinnamon toast lovers out there?  Cinnamon toast brings back the coziest of memories from my childhood - snow days, Sunday mornings, late night snacks.  A spot of warmth and goodness on the coldest and dreariest of winter days.

I can remember my brother and I asking for something to eat and minutes later my mom would serve us buttery, sweet, crunchy slices of cinnamon toast, often with a bowl of oatmeal. I guess it was quick and easy and made from a few simple ingredients that are usually on hand.  An inexpensive but seemingly special meal or snack that filled us up just right.  My mom has always made it so perfectly delicious, I still prefer hers to mine.

I make it though.  I have fond memories from recent Christmas seasons of mornings watching Polar Express and eating gingerbread man shaped cinnamon toast with my kids.  There was no other place on earth I'd have rather been on those mornings.

But as I said, I was craving it so badly last night so early this morning, when the sky was gray and overcast, I made myself a nice bowl of oatmeal and two pieces of cinnamon toast.

Then for lunch, when the sun had burned off the clouds and sunlight shone brightly through the windows, I made round two.  Yes, I had oatmeal and cinnamon toast for both breakfast and lunch today.

If I have it for dinner you all know I am losing it.

But it was so good, just as comforting and warm as always!

What foods bring back memories of warmth, simplicity, and home to you?!  What foods just plain make you feel good inside?!


  1. Velveeta...nothing says comfort food like a non-dairy processed cheese product.

    But seriously, I really like "Eggs in the hole." I'm not sure that's their formal name, but you cut out (or bite out) a hole in the middle of two slices of bread, toast those up in a frying pan, and while they're toasting, drop eggs in each hole to cook up (leaving the yolk a little runny if you're into that sort of thing). It's even better with a really good slice of bread. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

    Cracker Barrel even has these on their menu with their sourdough bread, so you know they must be good.

  2. Whenever my grandma made a homemade cake and frosting she would always put a little frosting on a graham cracker for us for a treat. I remember exactly how it tasted, even after all these years. I can't seem to make frosting like that. She also made the best creamy cucumbers and potato salad.