Friday, January 28, 2011

You Made My Day!

Tomorrow my daughter is hosting a Valentine's Tea Party for some older girls from our youth group that she loves.  Some of these girls have actually graduated and are in college now, and she is looking forward to seeing them again!  For the past two years she has hosted a Christmas Tea Party, but since we weren't able to do that this year we decided to do one for Valentine's Day, which I think is just perfect since we already started celebrating a few weeks ago!  Love is definitely worth celebrating in my book!

Yesterday I spent most of my day in the kitchen...and I did most of my baking for tomorrow.  Two of the recipes I made were for some of my favorite cookies.

Oatmeal Scotchies...

And Snickerdoodles.

Knowing how much my daughter enjoys Snickerdoodles, I made sure I got them finished before she got home from school.  They were still a little warm when she got home, and I had already set her snack tray in my room with a juice box, peach fruit cup, a string cheese, and one homemade Snickerdoodle.

You should have seen her face light up when she saw it!

A few minutes later I went in and we were talking about her day.  I asked if she liked the cookie and she said, "I'm saving it for after the healthy stuff."

Good plan. :)

I left her to her healthy stuff and went back to work in the kitchen.  A few minutes later she came in, gave me a huge hug, and said...

"I really wanted some homemade cookies and was going to ask you for some soon, but when I got home you already had made them and, well,   
you made my day!!"

This was followed by more hugs and kisses.  And some time practicing the hula hoop together.  And a huge smile on her sweet face.

Which made my day.

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