Friday, January 7, 2011

No Matter What

Before I log off, I just have to share with you a quote from a picture that hangs on my wall.  It is by the artist D. Morgan, and this picture actually used to hang on a wall in our home when I was a teenager.  When my kids were babies my mom was going to give it away, and after reading it I decided to take it.  The other day as I was passing by I stopped to read it again, and the words pricked my heart.  They read...

Let us guide our children with wisdom
Let us listen to their problems
And help them find solutions
Let us give them unconditional love
No Matter What.

And when they are grown, let us find the courage to let go.

What a thought to ponder, prayer to pray, goal to strive for as a mom.  

I found it both challenging and encouraging, and hope those of you with children at home do too!  Perhaps we can take some of the wisdom from this artist into 2011 and be reminded and motivated to love our kids fully and guide them wholeheartedly.... no matter what.

Good night, friends.  Rest well, moms.  Tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. What a great thought and bit of wisdom. As an empty nester who is loving a wayward son unconditionally I totally believe that our love for him is what will help him find himself and help him love himself at some point.
    The letting go part is also close to home because our other son just got married and now lives very near us with his sweet wife. Learning how to treat them as adults is a crazy journey we are trying to figure out.
    Thank you for your great post!