Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Have A Little Situation...

I think my flat iron died.

Which I suppose is a big situation considering the size of my hair.

It went out Saturday afternoon and on Saturday night I took a very late shower and slept with it soaking wet, and went to church the next morning with my hair completely au naturel...

 ...which in my case is 1/3 wavy, 1/3 flat out curly, and 1/3 straight.

At least this is the case since I went through two pregnancies and my straight, thick hair got really confused, random and sporadically curly.  And even thicker. Oh, and started going gray.

Did this happen to anyone else after having kids?!  Just curious...!

All I know is that without a flat iron, the only person who can tame this wild mane is my girl Kristi at the local salon.  Maybe I should be like my grandma and go once a week to get it "set."

Or maybe I should just buy a new flat iron!  It takes a good one to handle this mess.  The cheap ones don't work for old Simba here.

( Which means I see more meals out of random pantry and freezer items in my future.)

Life is a trip.  Sometimes you just gotta roll with it. May as well do it with a smile!

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