Friday, February 11, 2011

Complete and Total Randomness

Usually my posts have some sort of point, but this one not so much.  I just sort of felt like talking to you!

This week has been quite dreary - lots of very gray, overcast weather which is unusual for these here parts (did that sound Southern?!).  Evidently we are under some weather pattern this year - La Nina I think? - that is making things rather strange.

I think that may also be what is giving me these excruciating headaches.  It's been another rough week with them, almost relentless.  I obviously have to function and certain over the counter meds help me do so, but I will admit I've been in some serious pain.  And the pressure in my head and around my eyes, my goodness it's intense - that's why I wonder if  the weather is the primary source of this stuff!

I know it's not my eyes because randomly one of eyes got very red and inflamed so I went to the eye doctor to make sure it was okay - they did a full exam and once again, my vision checked out as fine.  Just needed some special eye drops and drove home half blind from my eyes being dilated.  However, I did get some sweet shades out of the deal which is always nice. ;)

Yesterday morning a horrible headache woke me up at 5:00 am, and once again it was a very gray, overcast day with chances of rain.  I used some peppermint lotion and even sniffed this lavender foot soak we received as a favor at the ladies event last Saturday...

The aromas helped a little bit, but not much.  But what did help was this.  My mom offered to take Trev and me to lunch to a restaurant she loves and I tried something that has now forever changed my life, or at least my taste buds...Caribbean Pumpkin Crab Soup.

I think I could eat it every day.  I'm not kidding, it was one of the best things I have eaten  My whole meal was delicious, I told my mom it was probably the best meal I'd had in a year!  Steak, sauteed spinach, grilled vegetables, soup, hot tea, creme brulee with raspberries.  I feasted like a king!  I was absolutely craving red meat and everything was cooked perfectly and I will say, it took that biting edge off of my headache.

But ohhh, that soup.  The combination of flavors was just unreal, it was pure bliss for a foodie, especially a foodie with a migraine.

We have had some sunshine this week, and Trev and I enjoyed a fun, though chilly, park and lunch date with some friends earlier in the week.  And  Madi and I spent an absolutely gorgeous afternoon on the back porch playing and reading one day after school while Trevor napped.

We got to go to a very intense (and very cold) soccer game to cheer on our local high school as they earned a hard fought victory.  The other team was instigating and throwing some cheap shots, and our team kept their cool and played with class and even tempers. I was super proud of them.

My sweet girlfriends who I meet with weekly came to our house this morning and we sat around the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking and laughing and sharing our hearts (and breaking up an occasional scuffle between our boys!).  It had been a couple weeks since we'd all been together and I'd missed them!

I have continued to learn so much from my 90 Days With Jesus study.  I will have to share some more on that later. I have been studying about his ministry, particularly his miracles.  It is pretty incredible to dive in depth into His life and ministry.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I tried Almond Milk this week (I have no idea why, just did) and I like it a lot!  It's great in my cereal and coffee!  Oh, and that new Creme Brulee creamer I found?  Jackpot.

Tonight I am going on a double date and I can't wait!!!  We are going to a steakhouse with the one of the best salads in the world! And you get as much of the salad as you want, whoooop!!!  Plus - my parents are keeping the kids all night!  Double whooooop!!

I need to pick up some little Valentine cards and small gifts for my family...we don't exchange big things for Valentine's Day, but little surprises are so much fun!

Speaking of surprises, our family has had the chance to drop off a few to some different people this week and it's been FUN!!  Is there someone out there you could surprise with something small but special?  If so, do it!! Seriously, it's a blast!  Of course, I am a surprise-lovin'-girl.

All right, I suppose that's enough randomness for now.  I hope you have a safe, wonderful, fun weekend!  Make some memories!!



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