Tuesday, February 22, 2011


With little kids around, you never know what conversations you might have.  Here are a few I've had over the past few weeks...

On Perspective

Me (to Jimmy): Babe, for a Valentine's Day gift my parents gave us some money to go out on a date night. We should be able to go somewhere pretty nice with it!  I'm excited!

Madi (to us): Oh, wow, you guys should go to Taco Bell!!

On Hygiene 

Trevor (to me while he was getting dressed one morning): Can I keep these underwear on?

Me: No, you need to put on a new pair.

Trevor: But why???

Me: Because clean underwear is always a good thing.

Trevor (with furrowed brow): Hmmm...

On Semantics

Madi (after school one day to Jimmy and me): Did you know Lincoln is on a penny?

Us: Yeah, that's right.

Madi: And there are statues of him and George Washington in Russia.

Us: Where?

Madi: In Russia.

Us: Where?

Madi: Russia!!

Jimmy:  Russia?  Do you mean Washington D.C.? (Because they sound so much alike...?)

Madi: Hmm, maybe it's in another state...

Jimmy: Are you talking about Mount Rushmore?

Madi Yeah, that's it!!  I saw it on a movie at school!

On Misunderstandings

Trevor (to me during prayer group): Mom, Jacob pushed me.

Me: Don't be a tattletale.

(Repeat similar conversation several times.)

Trevor: Mom, Jacob called me a tattletale.  I'm a tattletale!  (Bursts into tears.)

Me (who had told him not to be a tattletale at least five times at this point):  Trevor, do you know what a tattletale is?

Trevor (crying): Someone who is bad to their mother?!?!

(At which point I explain to him what a tattletale is feeling like an idiot that I never considered the fact that he may not fully understand what one was when I told him over and over not to be one.  And then told him again not to be one.  Unless it's an emergency.)

On Jokes

Madi: Why did the chicken cross the park?

Me: I don't know, why?

Madi: To get to the other slide!

Madi: What did the pig say to the other pig on Valentine's Day?

Me: I don't know, what?

Madi: Happy "Valenswine's" Day!!

Madi: What did the the peanut butter say to the jelly when he told it a secret?

Me: What?

Madi: Don't spread it!!

Me: Are you learning these in kindergarten?  Or from your GG? (Because my grandma has her fair share of joke books, that is one thing I know...)

On Reptiles

Madi (to Jimmy and me): I want a flamillion.

Us:  A what?

Madi: A flamillion.

Us: What is a flamillion?

Madi (looking shocked we don't know): A pet. That changes colors.

Us: Ohhh, a chameleon!

Madi: Yeah, I want one of those!

All I know is this...Jimmy and I will not be going to Taco Bell, and as far as the "flamillion" goes, I think Madi better just dream on...


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