Saturday, February 5, 2011

Okay People, This One Is Hot Off The Presses (Or Should I Say Griddle)

I am a dork.  

Which is okay.  But sometimes I think my husband deserves an award for living with me.

Today we had an inspiring ladies event at our church.  I had the privilege of speaking on personal devotions and worship (what a great topic!) and leading a worship session at the end.  There were three other wonderful speakers and a fabulous salad luncheon and of course, coffee punch.  I got to catch up with some friends and it was a great day.

But when I got home I was super tired, and still fighting this crazy headache I've had for a week.  Oh, and it was raining.  So I suggested I just make grilled cheese for dinner, you know, something simple.  Low key. Easy.

My kids, who were ravenous, were happily eating their sandwiches and applesauce when I called my husband to the table to tell him his was ready.  A few minutes later I was still standing at the counter when I heard my husband say, "Now this is how I like to eat a grilled cheese sandwich."  I looked and he was holding up two pieces.of.dry.grilled.bread.

As in I forgot to put the cheese on his grilled cheese.  

And my daughter and I had just eaten the last two pieces of "extra" cheese.  

I am not making this up.

I am also not making up the fact that this made my daughter and I completely hysterical in laughter.  Like, completely hysterical, no sympathy for the poor man kind of thing.

Being that cheese is a key ingredient in a grilled cheese sandwich, I'm not sure what happened.  Maybe I should blame it on the headache.

Or maybe I should just blame it on the rain. That's what Milli Vanilli did when I was 10.  



  1. That is too funny! Totally sounds like something I would do too!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  2. LOL! One time I was making quesadillas and I forgot to put on the top tortilla and then closed the lid....that was a mess! Poor Jimmy! :)