Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Letters

Another week of letters, inspired by my blog friend Deidre...

Dear Madi,

You were so excited this week because there was a walk-a-thon at your school and for every three laps you got to get either a cup of water or a cup of Gatorade.  You thought that was the coolest thing!  I love how you love school so much!  And I am amazed how well you are reading.  It is a treat to hear you read to us now!  You are doing so well that your teacher sent you home with a list of first grade words to work on and you are making your way through them.  I am proud of you.  I hope you always love to read.  I know how much enjoyment and enlightenment I have benefited from thanks to a love of reading.  Books are a wonderful companion, and a window to the world.  It is a joy to see you start to peek through that window on your own.  You are so bright, and such a good friend.  I loved how excited you were to give a homemade gift to your best friend tonight.  Thanks for being caring!  Others matter, sweetheart.  I think you instinctively know that.  And that brings me joy.

Keep it up,


P.S. I just remembered your school fundraiser is due tomorrow.  Pretty sure your Grammie and I are going to be buying a lot of pasta.  This kindergarten thing is no joke.

Dear Trev,

We have been working on your behavior this week and have definitely seen improvement!  You love your little chart and you keep putting more and more animal stickers on it as you make good choices.  Oh, if you only knew how often I pray that you and Madi will make good choices.  We aren't always in control of our circumstances in life, but we are in control of our choices.  And every choice you make will have a consequence.  I pray, even in this moment as I type, that you and your sister will make godly, wise choices that will bring about blessings and good consequences on your life.  It can be tough to make the right choices sometimes, but you will never, ever regret it.  I promise.  And I pray that somehow my efforts to teach you this at four will carry over into the rest of your life.  I pray God will help me teach you.

We've had fun together this week.  I love reading books to you and trying to memorize your smile and laugh.  I loved telling you the story of the Good Samaritan tonight, even though I had to stop after the fourth time because it was way past bedtime!  I love watching you bring light and life to the adults at church.  You are this little firecracker, full of energy and noise and momentum, but so warm and sparkly and bright.

Shine on wittle buddy,


Dear Jimmy,

Tonight at church as we listened to the message on the 8th commandment, the themes were honesty, integrity, and generosity.  As we sat there I was thinking how those words reflect you and your character.  Once again, I just want you to know I feel blessed to be married to a good and godly man.

And I was also thinking this week how I love the little things that are just, well, us!  Like how we are so addicted to watching old West Wing episodes and how we sing Taylor Swift love songs together in the car and how we dance in the kitchen and can scarf down a Little Ceasar's $5 pizza in no time.  I love our life, and that we both work hard and work together to give our kids the kind of secure home life we want for them.  The best things in life take effort and work and intentional action.  I am beyond grateful that we are like minded in our priorities. Oh my goodness, am I grateful.  God is good, and He gives exceedingly and abundantly.

So Thankful,


P.S. Oh, and the next time I make you a grilled cheese sandwich, yours is going to have double the cheese, baby.

Dear Dad,

Tonight you came up to me on the way out of church and handed me a ten dollar bill.  I knew what it was for.  Several Sundays this year you have slipped me cash to put in Madi's school lunch account because even though I pack her lunch most days, she thinks it is so cool to buy lunch and you want her to be able to.  You and mom always find little ways like that to help us out.

And I can't even express how grateful Jimmy and I are for every single thing you have done.

May we follow in you and Mom's footsteps on loving a family well,


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  1. "Others matter" - I love that, Jennifer!

    I LOVE reading your letters. Being a Mom is tough at times, but always rewarding.