Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Walking On Sunshine!

Sunshine.  Blue skies.  Bare feet.  Sidewalk chalk.  Back porch play.  Front stoop sitting.  Hula hooping.  Playing in the park.  Throwing balls.  Lunches outside.  Roller blading.  Walks around the neighborhood.

All these glorious things and more are why I haven't been near a computer much this week!  With an entire week of sunshine and temperatures between 70 and 80, it has been very hard to stay inside!  And I have been loving every minute!

Yesterday afternoon I even changed into a bathing suit and shorts and put on some sunscreen.  I have lived here for three years and it is still hilarious to me that when you go out and play in February, you can come back inside with a tan!  I see sunshine on my family's cheeks and I love it!  These fresh air days are so invigorating.

I truly don't think there was one cloud in the sky yesterday.

When it came time to eat lunch my kids set up a little Buzz Lightyear table on the back porch, setting it with paper plates and plasticware, and had themselves a little picnic in the breeze!  I was so glad we had nothing on our agenda but to simply enjoy the weather and each other.

Not every day can be sunshine and breezes and pure perfection in the outdoors.  But when it is, I say soak it up and celebrate it!  What a week it has been, compliments of the Creator!  We give Him praise!

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  1. Sounds glorious! We have a fire in the fireplace and are expecting some snow! HA! You're making me long for warmth :-)!