Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Surprise

This is what a typical afternoon snack looks like...

But every once in awhile I try to do something to make snack time extra special.  It's fun to make a homemade treat like banana bread or chocolate chip cookies because the response is always one of excitement!

Last Monday, I went to one of my favorite bakeries (I just love a good bakery!) and got each of the kids a Mickey Mouse cake.  Trevor gobbled his up happily, and I had Madi's waiting for her on her tray after school.  I also had a little monogrammed box with tiny sheets of paper that I picked up at from (you guessed it) the $1 section of Michael's, because what little girl doesn't like to play office and write notes and such?!  (Trevor had picked out a toy dinosaur from the same $1 section that day so they each got a small treat.)

My little girl was thrilled when she got to the table that afternoon!  It's fun to change up snack every once in awhile, making it an occasion and treat.  Everyone needs a sweet surprise now and then.

Is there someone in your life who could use a sweet surprise today?

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