Thursday, March 10, 2011

Encouragement In Shades Of Yellow

My daughter brings such encouragement to my life.  At the end of her school day each afternoon she has "center time" where she can choose to draw, color, play games, play with friends, do computer games, etc.  Many days my little artist chooses to draw something.  Often she will bring me a sweet picture or craft.  The other day I got a handmade necklace and this note...

Her little heartfelt words brought more encouragement to my heart than you could know!  And what I knew is that she purposely wrote in a yellow crayon because yellow is my favorite color!  She knows that and many of her notes to me are written in yellow, or pictures she makes are on yellow construction paper.  Whenever we play board games she gives me the yellow game piece.  She naturally puts into action a way to encourage me by giving me something that is my favorite.  She does this with others too, and

I have unfortunately been down with the flu this week, which is why I haven't touched the computer in days.  The flu is a funny thing.  I had been feeling good for a few weeks after my nasty cold, fantastic even.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday had been very long, wonderful days that were both productive and fun.  Monday afternoon around 5:00 I was at the park with Madi, the sun was starting to slowly make its descent so its warmth was hitting us as she played, and the air was at 72 degrees.  I had been outside with Jimmy and Trevor all day, and I had this thought that this day could not get any better.  I picked up a $5 pizza for dinner, we ate, and then I took a walk around our neighborhood, enjoying the weather and the day.  Then at 8:00 I felt like I couldn't move anymore.  I got the chills.  I had a rough night, woke up with 101.7 early the next morning, and knew I had the flu.

The good news is I did what I don't normally do...went directly to the doctor, tested positive for the flu (what an uncomfortable test!), and was immediately put on Tami-flu for the first time.  I have been drinking tons of fluids and taking vitamins, and I am seeing a difference.  I was admittedly disappointed to get the flu after almost a month of passing around viruses, but we are praying for some serious health needs in some people's lives right now, so I realize it is just a small little thing in the big picture.

But on that Tuesday when I was pretty miserable and feverish, my husband picked my daughter up from school and she told him she wanted to get me some flowers.  So he took her to the store and she came home to me with these...

He said she had come up with the idea and picked them out herself.  And of course I knew why she picked these particular flowers.  I love my girl and the encouragement she brings to me in shades of yellow.  I learn from that, and am inspired.


  1. What a sweet and thoughtful thing for her to do! You definitely have a sweetiepie. Sorry to hear you are sick again; hope that Tamiflu starts working and you get better soon!

  2. This post brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart! I do hope you all begin to feel better soon.