Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket...

Well, at least it when it comes to spring decorating, that is!!

Over the years I have gathered and collected various types of eggs.  I love setting them out when springtime rolls around.  This is my latest addition to the nest...

I've had the wrought iron cage since my early days of being a married girl, but I found those pretty green eggs the other day for a bargain, and my mom picked me up that fine little bird for a steal.  Isn't she something else?!  So prissy!  I love her bejeweled wings and tail and her frilly little hat.  Little Miss Thing just sits there guarding her eggs and adding a sense of fancy to my ledge!

But if you are going to put all your eggs in one basket this spring, it may as well be deviled eggs in a deviled egg carrier!

This handy little device is from Martha Stewart Living, and it is made to tote deviled eggs or other goodies around without messing them up!  

The eggs trays are removable so it can also be used for sandwiches, mini cupcakes or muffins, and more... but personally, this time of year makes me hungry for deviled eggs, how about you? Anyone hosting a spring picnic around here? Let me know, I'll put all my eggs in my basket and come on over!

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