Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Finds!

You know that $1 section at the front of Target?

I'm not gonna lie, I love that place.  Perfect for party favors, little treats for the kids, items for gift baskets, and occasionally a treat for me.

A few weeks ago I picked up two fun finds from there, and have been meaning to show you.

The first was this $1 clipboard...

I love the colors! And it came in so handy at the girls retreat when I was keeping up with all the girls' emergency forms and money.  And then for my notes when I taught my workshop.  Then Madi got to use it when she collected donations for Jump Rope For Heart.  And now it's holding some paperwork I need to get to soon.  Such a happy little clipboard!

The second was this $2.50 tray.

If you read this post from October you know my girl loves her afternoon snack served on a tray.  All the trays I have are fairly large.  This tray is small, literally the perfect size for snacks.

And when it is not being used for snacks it can be used to add a spring touch to our home.

It multi-tasks.  In pastel.  How happy is that?!

$3.50 spent, stylish function earned.  What fun finds have you found lately?!

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