Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet Simplicity

So, I think it is obvious that I have been housebound since Monday with this flu - I am on a bit of a blogging binge!  It is helping keep me from going stir crazy.  And I'm getting to catch up some posts, which is well, sort of nice!

So here is my last post for the evening, brought to you from the girl in the green chair wearing orange polka dot pj's.  Who just ate a giant bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Simplicity.  It has been a sort of theme in my life for the past year or so as something I've longed for and strived for in many different areas.  I am drawn to simplicity these days, and find it in various ways and places, including my kitchen!

I think many people are intimidated by cooking and baking because it seems hard.  And it can be.  But it can also be simple and easy.

Take this for instance...

I like spinach.  And it's one of those power vegetables.  The other night I sauteed a few garlic cloves in some olive oil, then added some spinach and sea salt and cooked it on up.

It was ready in no time, and so tasty and healthy.  Very simple!

And take these...

I'm a big fan of chocolate and peanuts.

So I melted chocolate almond bark in the microwave, stirred in some peanuts, and dropped spoonfuls of the mixture onto wax paper.  After cooling in the refrigerator this made absolutely delicious candy.

How easy its that?

Ahhh...sweet simplicity.

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  1. This Christmas I made chocolate simple, simply melt chocolate chips in the micro, spread it out on wax paper, add whatever toppings you want, (I am partial to dried cherries) let it harden then break it up! So yummy! (and the kids loved helping break it up!)