Sunday, March 27, 2011

Put A Spring In Her Step!

Since we have been enjoying spring's beauties for a time now, and since my daughter appreciates beauty and notices details, I wanted to add a little spring to her life!

So one day this week while she was at school, I cleaned up some of the clutter that had accumulated in her room (we creative people deal with clutter, it's just the way it is!)...and then I made a few simple changes to the decorations in her room.

I changed all of her American Girl dolls out of dark, winter outfits and into pastel dresses and rearranged them a bit; I rearranged the items in her corner cabinet, adding in some different items from elsewhere in her room; I hung her Kit hat and a pair of fairy wings she got at a birthday party on the cabinet doors; put in a picture I had printed off of her and all of her American Girl dolls; and then hung Easter Egg ornaments I found in the Michael's dollar section on the hooks of her mirror.

I didn't really say much about this, just let Madi discover it when she went into her room. I was in my room ironing something when she flew in saying, "Thank you so much, I love it!!"  It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about, and she proceeded to go on and on about her room! She has literally been talking about it all week, pointing out her favorite little details, asking me if I would do this every spring, or leave it that way forever!

It's funny how such small and simple changes could make her room feel fresh and give her so much enthusiasm and enjoyment.  These little touches of springtime definitely put a spring in her step!

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