Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Idea Of Corned Beef and Cabbage is a Reuben...

So that's what I made for dinner on St. Patrick's Day!

But that wasn't all.  Our sweet friend, who often babysits the kids at church and is a bubbly part of our youth group, came over for a baking/cooking day.  Jimmy wasn't coming home for dinner that night so while Trevor napped, Madi enjoyed some girl time with us in the kitchen - we had a ball!

We started with some baking using a Funfetti cake mix...and ended up with our version of a rainbow with gold at the end of it!

So bright, cheerful, and yummy!  We also made some cookies using the recipe on the Funfetti cake mix box, and let me say, I would highly recommend trying that recipe. It is extremely simple and they are so tasty!

I had this fun shamrock pasta on hand thanks to a kindergarten fundraiser...

So we made an easy, but very delicious pasta salad.  Earlier in the week I found some mini gourmet cucumbers at the store, so we chopped three of them.  They were so fragrant that their aroma filled the kitchen!  We mixed the cooked and drained pasta, the cucumbers, some lowfat mayonnaise, and a ranch dressing seasoning packet together and let it chill.  I was so pleased with the result!  You should try this with your favorite pasta (bow-ties would be great) for a spring/summer salad!  Simple, fresh, and fabulous!

We had our rainbow with gold, a shamrock pasta salad with green cucumbers in a green bowl...we heated up a can of green peas (Le Sueur young ones, my faves), and then heated up the griddle to make reubens, which as I said is my idea of corned beef and cabbage!  I love a good reuben.

With our plastic green tablecloth and cups, green plates, and place cards the girls made, we had a festive little St. Patrick's Day dinner! And most importantly, we had great conversations and lots of fun while we worked in the kitchen.

What's going on in your kitchen these days?! 
I would love to hear!

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  1. What is your recipe for the Rueben? Thanks!