Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back Again, Back Again, Bliggity Blog

It's been a great week!  A blog free week for me, because this week my girl was on spring break and we had the best time!  We spent a good portion of our week outside because God blessed us with bright, sunny weather in the 80's with no rain and a beautiful breeze, especially in the mornings and evenings.  We could not have had better weather for spring break if we had tried to plan it ourselves!  What a gift!

So between our fun in the sun, a couple of birthday parties, and days spent just enjoying a break from the grind at home, I decided this was not the week to blog.  I soaked up family time and enjoyed seeing these two together all day again...

Now that school is a part of our lives, I treasure the days when they are both playing Play-Doh in the kitchen in their pajamas while I serve up homemade waffles and fruit, or running around using their imaginations together from the time their feet hit the ground.  I loved watching them drag out an old crib mattress to play "hospital" and seeing them use green army men and pillows to have a "war".

I especially loved our magical memories made at Disney with all four of us.  One of the highlights for me was enjoying the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot for the first time.  The abundance of flowers and natural beauty was almost overwhelming.  To experience that with my family all together in picture perfect weather was a true gift.  One of my favorite spots was Bambi's Butterfly House where we saw dozens of beautiful butterflies flitting around fragrant and colorful flowers...

And the Toy Story topiary display at the entrance was magical as well!

We had a week well spent, revolving around time together as a family! Tomorrow starts school and schedules, and I'm looking forward to hopefully spending some time blogging this week.  I hope wherever you are, spring break finds you and leaves you with some sunshine on your cheeks and some memories with family to last a lifetime!

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