Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Letters

Dear Madi,

Girl, you have finally had two fever free evenings and we are happy and praying you are over this awful virus (or two) you have been fighting!  You did a good job asking for donations for the Jump Rope For Heart tonight...I know you can be shy, but you quickly got the hang of it and filled up that donation sheet!  You have a lot of extra things going on at school right now - so exciting for you!  I loved playing with you on the back porch today.  You and I both love to soak up the sunshine and breezes.  It's fun to watch you fly down the road on your scooter with your princess helmet on and your ponytail flying in the breeze. And today wearing a floral romper and hot pink cowgirl boots.  How much better can life get?!

Two times this week you have told me about when the children went up to Jesus and the disciples told them not to bother him but Jesus said to let the children come unto him.  I think you like that story and relate to it because you are a child that loves Jesus.  I hear it in your prayers, I see it in your life.  I pray you will love Him more each day.

I hope you have a fantastic, full week of school with no sick days!  And then...spring break!!

Enjoying making memories with you every day,


Dear Trev,

You made me laugh so hard tonight!  Between your dance moves and hilarious comments it was just hysterical!  I get such a kick out of you.  You are fully loaded with personality, and it keeps things so fun around here!

I also love your affectionate heart.  Like tonight when you ran to your Sunday School teacher, so excited to give her a bouquet of flowers.  Or when I told you I would save you something and you said, "Thanks, Sweetie."  You are a bringer of smiles.

And your obsession with donuts continues.  You are so spoiled by one adult Sunday School class that every week you go in for a morning donut while Daddy and I practice with the praise team.  Normally your Paw Paw takes you but today he was home sick.  So you had to wait....and wait...and wait for that donut.  Finally you just couldn't take it anymore, so you looked at "Pappy Tim" (our music pastor), tugged on his pants and said, "Pappy Tim - can you stop practicing the music so I can get my donut?"

Practice stopped. :)

Hanging on to every word you say,


Dear Jimmy,

You did a great job preaching this morning.  A really great job.  And as I sat there listening to you speak on what you live out, I was reminded that I don't just love you, but that I am honored to be your wife.  Because you are an honorable man.  And it is a privilege to share life with an honorable man.  There is comfort in having an honorable man as the head of our home. There is trust in having an honorable man father our children.  There is respect when an honorable man displays integrity day in, day out.

So thank you.

With my love and respect,


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