Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

My dad used to sing that song to me when I was little.  So when I was in middle school and the movie Father of the Bride came out, I bawled uncontrollably during the scene where My Girl is the soundtrack as they play basketball in the driveway and they show Annie growing up!  I still love both that song and that movie.

But all of us need a little sunshine on a cloudy day!  As I write this it is cloudy here, but yesterday wasn't just cloudy - it rained all.day.long.

Trevor and I ended up running errands in the rain all day with my mom.  It was very productive for me, as I was able to use some coupons I had been saving (yay!) and get some supplies for my daughter's upcoming birthday party.

But in the midst of all the errands in the rain I had a few little spots of sunshine I wanted to tell you about.  First was this...

That would be a nonfat, all milk no water, chai tea latte from Starbucks.  Starbucks is a rare treat for this here girl and don't you think a warm cup of tea is perfect on a gray, rainy day?  It was a warm spot of spicy goodness!

My second spot of sunshine was this...

Now let me tell you about this because you just might want to go out and treat yourself!  I had stopped in Bath and Body Works (coupon in hand) when I saw a little preview display with this new fragrance.  I'll be honest, I was drawn to then name because I think it's a good description of my style.  Country Chic.  Whether it is home or fashion, I'm a little bit city and a little bit country.  It probably has much to do with where I was raised and where I live now; where I spent my college years and where many of our travels have taken us; the way my eye is drawn to both chic sophistication and farmhouse freshness; the way I enjoy the lights, sounds, and pulse of a big city but love to breathe in the air of wide open spaces.

At any rate, the name intrigued me so I tried the fragrance and was pleased with its fresh but not too floral scent.  These trial size bottles offer plenty, and here is the best part; because it was a preview, the lotion was only $1 and the spray was only $2, and there was a coupon on the back of the lotion for when this spring fragrance officially hits the stores in April!!

Now that's the kind of beauty indulgence a girl on a shoestring budget can afford!

Another spot of sunshine was this...

My mom had picked up a new Melissa and Doug pirate puzzle for my puzzle loving four year old.  This puzzle was 100 pieces and as I cooked dinner yesterday evening, he put every one of those 100 pieces together all by himself!!  We were proud of our little buddy, and I think he was a little proud of himself too.  :)

More sunshine came when my daughter did a puppet show of the Good Samaritan story for us, read us some books, and the kids said cute things that as usual, made us crack up laughing.

If your day is cloudy, I hope you find sunshine somewhere!  Here's to a great day!

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