Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh, Christmas Trees!

I hope you all had the merriest of Christmases!  We had a marvelous Christmas day, Christmas week actually!  Honestly, the whole month of December has held many homespun memories filled with family and friends.  My son has been saying all month that Christmas is his favorite season.  On Christmas my little four year old also said, "This has been the most wonderful Christmas ever." I know how he feels!

I just love this time of year.  And I like to let it linger.  So if you stop by in January, don't be surprised if you still see our Christmas trees around the house!  My husband and I both love the sparkle they lend to the dark winter evenings when they are lit and the regular house lights are off.  They make our home more cozy, romantic, comforting, peaceful.  So it will probably be a few more weeks until we take it all down.

I have cherished every one of our Christmas trees this year!  They have brought such joy.

Our living room and entryway trees evoked calm and simplicity.

Our playroom tree was fun and cheerfully covered in memories.  Most of my trees are hand-me-downs; this particular one was my family's very first artificial tree, probably from around 1990.  This will probably be its last year.

Our "bonus" tree, a little tree my mom wasn't going to use this year, was simply and sparsely decorated.  My kids deemed it the "White Christmas Tree" after our favorite Christmas movie!

Our guest room tree, also a little one my mom wasn't using this year, was sparsely decorated as well.  Two sets of Christmas balls that were 4 for a $1 at Walmart, a snowflake on top, and of course...cloth napkins. :)

Our music tree got a new strand of red and green lights and once again conveyed our family's love of music.

My kitchen tree, which some of you who read regularly know stayed up this whole past year decorated with various themes, lent a cozy glow to one of my very favorite places in the house.

My daughter did a fantastic job decorating her little pink tree in her bedroom.  It was magical and covered with everything a five year old girl could love.

My son broke his little tree last year, and the fact that it was lopsided and smothered in ornaments that caught his attention just seemed to fit him perfectly!

And my newest addition, a little black tree I found on sale at Kohl's, gave a cozy, romantic Christmas glow to our bedroom.

Oh, Christmas trees, oh, Christmas lovely are you all to me!  We will let you add your sparkle to our home for a few more weeks and then bid you farewell until next December.

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