Monday, December 20, 2010

Back In My Green Chair

Hello, friends!

I am back in my green chair after a weekend away with my girl.  We went back home to Maryland because a dear friend of ours was getting married.  I actually used to babysit the bride, Emilie (yikes, I know!  I'm getting older rapidly!) and then she was in a middle school Bible study I led for two summers when I would come home from college.  We further bonded when she was in the high school youth group and I was a leader and young wife, and then our friendship just grew and deepened.  She asked me to sing in her wedding, and asked Madi and Trev to be her flower girl and ring bearer.  We very badly wanted to go as a family, but this time of year is tough to get away and 4 plane tickets just didn't fit in the budget.  For awhile we weren't even sure if it was going to work out for any of us to go, but a month ago I was able to secure a pretty good deal on two plane tickets so Madi could have the chance to be flower girl for her beloved "Emmy Em" and I could sing in the wedding.

The song Em asked me to sing was How Deep The Father's Love For Us.  The lyrics to that song are so profound and beautiful.  And I can see how deep God's love is for Em, because He brought an absolutely wonderful, godly guy to Maryland from Wisconsin to become her friend and now her husband.  They are made for each other.  I was so happy Madi and I got to be a part of her day.

And it's always a treat to go home.  We actually flew into snow, which thrilled Madi!

After getting a salted caramel hot chocolate at the airport, of course...  :)

We had such a blast getting to spend precious time with faraway friends.

Then on Saturday, Madi was able to feel like a princess as a beautiful flower girl!

We had the best day.  The wedding was God-centered and gorgeous.  The reception was a blast and I think Madi danced to every song.  We threw fake snowflakes at Dan and Emilie as we sent them off to their honeymoon.  Madi and I were both sad to say our goodbyes but thankful we were able to share this special wedding weekend in Maryland together.  God is good.  His love is strong.

And now I'm back in my green chair, Christmas trees lit, candles burning, the sounds of my kids giggling and my husband playing the guitar, reflecting on love and friendships and a weekend to remember.

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