Tuesday, March 27, 2012

C'mon, Get Happy! (Or Mad If You Prefer)

Tonight is one of those nights where I would love to write, but I am just.so.tired.

It has been a long day.

It actually started off great with monkey bread for breakfast around the table with our four house guests (we are happy for Jimmy's dad, sister, and two of their friends to be here for a visit) - but it was one of those days where I felt like I was finishing everything just in time.  You know how it is.  I finished a morning lesson just in time to write out some bills, just in time to pick up Trevor from Pre-K, just in time to...I'll spare you the details.  I did a lot of rushing.  I ate a lot of carbs.  And I am exhausted.

It's a crazy week at school too.  Madi has her first standardized testing, and she came home exhausted.  Trevor, who is oh-so-excited to have Grandpa here, woke up a good 45 minutes earlier than usual this morning so he was exhausted.  Thankfully, my mom was making dinner for us so when I headed her way after I taught my afternoon lessons, we were treated to a meal.  But exhausted kids mean trying behavior, and exhausted Mommies mean less than the usual amount of patience.

As we were about to head home, the kids were provoking each other and I had enough.  What they were doing was nothing bad, just normal kid stuff that tends to come out when they are tired.  It was out of character for them and so overly dramatic that it was somewhat amusing and my Mom was watching it sort of laughing, though trying not to.  I pulled Trevor to me and was getting on to him when he furrowed that brow and looked at me with those chocolate chip eyes and said,

"Mommy!!  You're getting mad, but Grammie's getting happy. I want you to laugh too."

And I admit, I had to try hard not to.  Mommy "getting mad" and Grammie "getting happy."  Bless him.  He does not like for anyone to be unhappy at all, especially with him!

I managed to get them home and in bed, but not after apologies for behavior (them) and apologies for impatience (me).  And snuggle time and bedtime prayers that remind me most days are not like this.

Though Momma said there'd be days like this.  But now she's a Grammie.  And not much bothers her.  Nope.  She just gets happy.

So just go ahead and leave the stress for the "mad" lady.  Really, it's fine.



  1. That is funny! I can just see your Mom smiling and quietly snickering :-).

  2. I was there right along with you today girl! Thank goodness God forgives and sees past our faults :)

  3. LOL!! You made me chuckle. I've been that "mad" lady. We all have those moments. Some day we'll get to be those grandparents and let our kids keep the stress! Something to look forward to. :)

  4. Awe, that's a really great picture of you and your mom!! Oh, and Grannys always seem to be "getting happier" with the little ones! :)