Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today Was A Good Day

I'm glad I can say that, because I admit I woke up feeling a cloud of discouragement threatening to loom.  Once the kids were off to school I got in the Word and in prayer and the cloud dissipated.  But it made me think about something that I believe I will share soon, because I think it is an issue many - if not all -  women share and deal with for the majority of their lives.  So look for that post in the near future!  You will know it when you read it.  And I hope it will connect us deeper at the heart and spur us on to continue well in all our many roles on this journey of life.

After my quiet time, I was off to the retirement home to teach the choir.  Their Easter concert will be here soon and I worked them very hard today! They did great, and are learning their songs so well.  It has been neat to work with the residents in this capacity and has taught me a lot.

After practice, Trevor and I had the unexpected treat to share a picnic lunch with some of the residents at a local lake and park!  We visited with them, and Trev caught up with a delightful silver haired lady he had bonded with at an Easter event last year.  She was tickled pink by his energy and conversation!  He played his little heart out at the playground and we left full and glad we went.

When we got home, Trev was treated to some time playing Indiana Jones on the Wii while I did some much needed housework and laundry.  I worked for quite some time, then we went to pick up Madi.

Once we were back home, the kids and I went outside with our scooters and bikes to burn some energy and enjoy the sunshine!  At first Madi and I were riding and Trev was scooting, but then he decided to practice some more on riding his bike without training wheels.  He had worked on this for a few minutes Monday evening, but not for too long.  Well, this afternoon that boy started riding fast and free!  A twelve year old neighborhood boy we had never met happened to ride over to play some basketball in the court and he was quite a friendly fellow.  Trev was doing great but on the verge of discouragement when the boy arrived and called out, "Hey man, you are doing awesome!"

Well, wouldn't you know Trev's eyes brightened and he sat up straighter and got a determined look on his face.  After that he rode like a champ.  All he needed was that affirmation from an older boy!   It was a great reminder of how far a timely word of encouragement can go.  He was riding and turning and even starting up by himself!

Now if we get just get him to use the brake instead of riding into the grass and jumping off like a wild man we will be in business.  Maybe tomorrow.

We were all hot and sweaty after our bike rides so I brought out some good ol' Flavor Ice popsicles!!  The kids and I sat on the porch chewing our ice and drinking the leftover juice out of the plastic tube, my favorite part when I was a kid and my neighbor's mom would bring out those icy treats to us in his backyard.  Sweet memories.

After cooling off with popsicles it was bathtime, then Trev went out with his Paw Paw to eat and spend time while Madi, Jimmy, and I were off to church to practice for the Easter play.  I fed Madi and we were out the door.  (I didn't eat my gourmet dinner of graham crackers and peanut butter and a brownie until I got back home later tonight. )

Rehearsal went well - Madi has a ton of lines in this play and it is a huge step for her.  I am proud of her for being willing to step out of her comfort zone to do this, and am praying hard that she will remember everything, not be too nervous, and enjoy it. I am going to be quite nervous for her, though I will try to hide it well!  I am thankful she is using her talents for Jesus at a young age, and hope and pray she always offers her all to Him.

Now we are home and the kids are long asleep and I am tired.  But today was a good day, and I wanted to thankfully reflect on that before my head hits the pillow and we start all over again tomorrow.

Rest well, friends.

I hope tomorrow is a good day.

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  1. Enjoyed reading this Jen! God is so good! Even when we may not feel that day is going to be good He knows how to give us what we need to get through the day! :)