Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh, The Things They Say

Kids are hilarious, insightful, and everything in between - it is so fun listen to them talk and express themselves, and try to store away the things they say.  Sunday morning I was driving the kids to church and we had a conversation that went exactly like this...

Madi: I wish I could fly, but I don't want to be a bird, I want to be a fairy!!

Me: A fairy, that sounds like fun.

Trev: Yeah, but do you know what would be even funner?

Madi: What?


And therein lies the difference between girls and boys!

And speaking of girls and boys, my son has never lacked for admiration of cute, sweet girls.  He's already told us of several "girlfriends" he has had, and different girls he wants to marry.  Thankfully I am often on that list!  In fact, a few months ago he broke up with someone for me.  Seriously.  He had been smitten with darling Marissa, a senior in our youth group, for some time and had made plans to marry her for quite a while.  Then one night as I tucked him in at bedtime he was being extra sweet, and a concerned look came over his face.  He said,

Mommy, I want to marry you.  Can you text Marissa and tell her?

Could I text her.  I almost died laughing. But don't worry, he's a real man.  That Wednesday night after church I saw him talking to Marissa very seriously, with his classic furrowed brow and little hands just waving away.  She came over to me and was cracking up, and asked me to guess what he had just told her.  He had said,

I'm sorry, I can't marry you anymore, I really want to marry my Mommy, but don't worry, we can still be friends and hug.

Oh my word. (I promise you I am not making this stuff up, nor do I have a clue where he gets it from!  It's not like the kid is watching The Bachelor in between Backyardigans episodes on Netflix.  Though he did give a girl a rose at a wedding when he was four.  Took it right off my dad's boutonniere and gave it to one of his preschool church friends.  I have pictures to prove it!  He is quite the romantic.)

This Sunday we grabbed a quick bite to eat with some friends.  Trev was sitting by Madi's BFF Grace while her parents and Jimmy and I were waiting in line.  All of a sudden he called out to me from his seat...

Mommy?  I want to date Grace.

Date Grace.  Needless to say we have our hands full!  Her mom Nanette and I had to hide our laughter.  He's got a looong time before any dating will be happening!  But boy are we going to have some stories to tell when he does!

However, much of what Trevor says is sensitive, insightful, compassionate.  I've mentioned before his concern for a homeless man, John, that my husband sees on a regular basis.  I can't tell you how many times Trevor has asked me about John.  What foods can he have since he doesn't have many teeth?  Does he have a mom and dad?  Did he have a home when he was a little boy?  He prays for him.  And he has seen him several times since he first met and shared a doughnut with him, and relentlessly invites him to church.  In fact, he told me the other day that he was in the van with Jimmy when John rode by on his bicycle, and they rolled down the windows and Trev pointed to the church and called out something along the lines of,

Don't forget!  This is your church!

Bless his heart.  He wants him to come so badly.  Maybe someday.  He is praying for him.  And who knows how God may use a welcoming boy with a sincere heart who shows the love of Jesus to a man without a home.

Another thing you may know if you have read any of my letters to Trevor is that I often pray that he will be a mighty man of God.  We talk a lot as a family about the mighty men of God in the Bible.  Trev absolutely loves hearing Bible stories.  Today after I picked up Trev from Pre-K, he told me he had "great day" and was sharing little bits and pieces of it with me.  After some chatting, we were quiet for minute or two.  Then out of nowhere as we were pulling into the garage, he said something that made my heart feel like it was melting into a puddle.

Mommy? When I get old I want to be a mighty man of God.

Now, I have no idea why that was on his little heart and mind.  We had been talking about how his teacher had been home sick and who he played with on the playground and how many days were left until spring break.  His statement caught me by surprise.  It nearly made me cry.  My heart swelled and stood still.  I gave him a big hug, told him that made me so happy, and promised I would continue to pray that he would be.

So today I prayed once more that Madi would be a virtuous woman who will one day marry a mighty man of God, and that Trevor would be a mighty man of God who will one day marry a virtuous woman.

Who he may or may not have dated when he was five.  Time will tell.


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